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posted 1-10-2020 @ 07:27 AM www

Please post any winners lists (ONLY) you may come across.

NOTE: you can now list the last 60 days of closed comps where there is a result date:

DO NOT post anything other than the comp it's relating to and the URL! That means, if you're on the list, don't say.. I won on this one etc... (it will be deleted)

Full names can be posted, within the following guidelines:
- no identifying of other members user/member names to their real names (unless the actual winner is identifying themselves)
- the full name must have been published on the 'official' website running the competition
- a link to the website showing the winner(s) should be provided

DO NOT post anything that has links to our competitors or obscenities... they WILL be checked!

And PLEASE include the name of the competition.

GOOD LUCK for 2020 to all Lottoers.
posted 1-10-2020 @ 07:34 AM www

Recent Via Vision Entertainment winner:

We are pleased to announce our winner of The Benny Hill Annuals 1970-79 DVD Giveaway - Mary Gunawan.

Congratulations Mary!
posted 1-10-2020 @ 07:01 PM www


(DRAW DATE 01/10/2020) J. Burrows, C. Salt, L. Cornege, M. Walton, D. Kwong, S. Bain, S. Elliott, K. Burgess, A. Hannah, P. van Kooy, R. Butcher, D. Wolstenholme, K. Barclay, C. Thomas, E. Scanlon, M. Patten, T. Robar, T. Parker, R. Winkler, S. Ward, A. Hutchinson, D. Roberts, S. Brereton, R. Thyer, P. Mitchell, S. Chan, A. Taleb, R. Phillips, C. Artwik, LA. Hovey, C. Compton, M. Wishart, C. Ritchie, S. Langley, G. Heald, R. Cain, S. James, C. Compton, J. Payne, K. Broome, C. Mulholland, K. Berry, K. Mantle, D. Reed, B. Green, J. Frayha, D. Ward, A. Danas, M. Saridar, J. Strachan.
posted 1-10-2020 @ 08:31 PM www

The Latch - Win a $500 Westfield voucher

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Virginia!
posted 1-10-2020 @ 08:36 PM www

Volcom - Win 1 of 4 Volcom x Fender Art Guitars

Peter B
Noel C
David C
Maddison J
posted 1-10-2020 @ 08:48 PM www

The Latch Win a $1000 Reebok wardrobe

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Georgia from SA!
posted 4-10-2020 @ 08:26 AM www



She is the lucky winner of our SeaLink Kangaroo Island competition!!! Rosemary has won a family and standard vehicle pass for return travel on KI Sealink!!! Such an epic prize and we had over 20,000 entries!!!! Enjoy your family holiday on beautiful KI!!!!
And if you missed out, our friends at SeaLink still have some sensational KI offers. You still have another week to book the KIDS GO FREE offer – just book by 11th October to save up to $150 per booking. Take a look at their latest specials here:
posted 5-10-2020 @ 04:54 PM www
Winners announced in email received 5/10/20

Nicole Ashton
Emma Marks
Kierley Green
Roma Lewis
Faline Ward
Helen Reynolds
Maria Heesom
Allison Rose
Kerry Ryan
Holly Padgham
Fiona Vella
Karen O Brien

Jackie Mallen
Elizabeth Akers
Laura Vandenhurk
Elizabeth Moss
Carol Wyatt
Georgia Stone
Catherine Johnson
Cheryl Piper
Daniela De Luca
Vikki Cook
Skye Paduano
Erin Matheson

Miranda Staley
Gail Davies
Lauren Seppanen
Yaz Cybulski
Stephanie Zawko
Peta Salmon
Elise Davey
Loretta Cricri
Anna Ormiston
Samantha Davey
Sara Mcdonald
posted 5-10-2020 @ 05:09 PM www


'Pain and Glory' winners

Maria Mihalakopoulos
Dandenong, Vic.

Bernadette Reid
Ferny Grove, Qld

Caroline Kelly
Park Holme, SA

Sam Bianchini
Ivanhoe, Vic.

Lois Laird
Atherton, Qld
posted 6-10-2020 @ 02:19 AM www

SBS Food

WIN 1 of 4 copies of Guillaume: Food for Family

Congratulations to:

C Morton, VIC

G Luk, NSW

D Lee, VIC

P Spinaze, NSW
posted 6-10-2020 @ 02:21 AM www

The West Australian

Win a Jump Star 10ft Round Enclosed Trampoline!

Congratulations to our winner Melanie Jones!
posted 6-10-2020 @ 03:05 PM www

Via Vision Entertainment:

We are pleased to announce our winner of The Bill: The Complete Series 1-4 DVD Giveaway - Evan Alexander.
posted 7-10-2020 @ 03:43 PM www


The Outpost tickets:
K Pavlovich SA, J Glasser NSW, K Dellit QLD, L Leaning WA, A Kones NSW, A Evans NSW, J ODonnell NSW, K Post NSW, TR Leed QLD, F Horsburgh NSW.
posted 8-10-2020 @ 08:29 PM www

QBD Books

Congratulations to our TEN lucky winners who have each won a copy of Loveless by Alice Oseman! Thank you to everyone that entered the giveaway!

Richard Harrison
Michelle Skelton Fay
Janet Ryan
Emily Louie Mendoza
Jiamai Tan
Paul Smith
Anne Costello
Lois Laird
Sarah Wallace
Manda Gorton.
posted 9-10-2020 @ 02:47 PM www

SBS Food

Win one of 10 Mould Cheese Collective cheese boxes worth $80

Congratulations to our winners:

J. Sartori, QLD

N. Rohrlach, QLD

I. Note, VIC

H. McAllister, VIC

J. Bursill, NSW

J. Robertson, NSW

S. Wellham, NSW

G. Rowley, SA

G. Stevenson, NSW

M. Beachcroft, VIC
posted 9-10-2020 @ 02:48 PM www

The West Australian

WIN two tickets to Entwined in the Valley special event: The Rose, The Crown and the Marri Blossom Five-course Dinner!

Congratulations to our winner Geoff Smith!
posted 12-10-2020 @ 05:01 PM www

September winners:

Member Comp- Samsung:
H. Foote

Member Comp- Bose:
T. Chapman

Audio-Technica Turntable:
C. B

Nanoleaf Hexagon:
C. Price

J. Graham

DeLonghi Coffee Machine:
E. Dorward :: O. Stonehouse

Black Water: Abyss:
M. Gillies :: N. Williams :: P. Stone :: D. Tassa :: T. Rain

Mr Mercedes:
K. Bradfield :: M. Davidson :: A. Benn

Cult Girls:
B. O’Brien ::

Minecraft Dungeons:

Monthly Vinyl- Smile:
S. Ellis

Monthly Vinyl- Odyssey Number Five:
S. McLennan

Bob J September 2020:
A. Emerson

$50 Member Winners:
Please note: 30 x winners have been emailed and names will be updated as they confirm.
posted 12-10-2020 @ 05:03 PM www

The West Australian

WIN a Le Dīner en Blanc VIP prize package!

Congratulations to our winners:

Major: Peter Sinclair

Minor: Kathleen Cusato
posted 13-10-2020 @ 03:49 AM www

High Tea Society

Win: Old Country Roses tea set from Royal Albert

Congratulations to the winner Sheridan Anderson.
posted 13-10-2020 @ 03:51 AM www

High Tea Society

Win: Beatrix Bakes, Teaware from Cristina Re & Tea from Madame Flavour

Congratulations to the winners Stephie Z. & Marg S.
posted 13-10-2020 @ 07:16 PM www

Repco Road Trip

Congratulations to Michelle T of Berwick on winning the Ultimate Family Road Trip promotion!

Repco Authorised Service hopes that the $5000 goes a long way to helping get Michelle out for her ultimate Aussie road trip.
posted 14-10-2020 @ 12:49 PM www

Wolf Blass - Win 1 of 10 Sony 55" TVs

Sue Jenkinson, QLD
Patricia Jones, NSW
Paula Curtis, NSW
Ashleigh Anderson-Read, NSW
Fran O'Donnell, QLD
Fadi Saada, VIC
Thomas Rostig, NSW
Natalie Lea, NSW
Max Manson, NSW
Megan Albert, NSW
posted 14-10-2020 @ 01:40 PM www

WINNERS LIST - Just Kidding - SEPT 2020

Lonely Planet Kids Lift the Flap Atlas
1 Darcy Kennelly TAS
2 Jasmine Vance VIC
3 Elena May Taylor NSW
4 Blake Jones SA
5 Spyke Clarke QLD

Tonka Mightly Mixers
1 Harry Hellings VIC
2 Robbie Forbes QLD
3 Freddie Down VIC
4 Harry Rowley VIC
5 Megan Ryan QLD
6 Christina Lungo NSW
7 Thomas Eaton WA
8 Kit Hermus QLD
9 Charlie Lilley ACT
10 Ethan Sath VIC

Jurassic World
1 Josh Koci VIC
2 Joshua Lockwood SA
3 Aidan Philip Vic

Rainbocorns Sweet Shake Surprise
1 Georgia Richens VIC
2 Lisa Pannunzio SA
3 Olivia Eastall QLD
4 Sofia Zovko VIC
5 Tanjil Hope VIC
6 Willow Wilson WA

Pets Alive
1 Sophie Sheridan VIC
2 Jessica Park VIC
3 Jayden Van Der Zwart VIC
4 Erin Fenerty NSW
5 Katie Reddan QLD

Myla's Sparkling Friends
1 Ivy Smith QLD
2 Mia Koschel NSW
3 Sienna Hamilton VIC
4 Summer Cox WA
5 Zoe Worboys NSW
6 Paige De Jonckheere QLD
7 Grace Lucas VIC
8 Cadence Blundell NSW
9 Savannah McSwain SA
10 Alice Nicholls ACT
11 Ella Stanborough WA
12 Kathy Clark NSW
13 Lyla Elizabeth VIC
14 Gracie Kohli WA
15 Mackenzie James NSW
16 Victoria Fritton VIC
17 Tahlia Foster NT

Showbags Galore
1 Torin Walsh WA
2 Tyson Osborne SA
3 Ryan Sassella NSW
4 Imogen Lawman QLD
5 Amelia Grace VIC
6 Lachlan Watt VIC
7 Oliver Canfarin NSW
8 Sebastien Thorpe VIC
9 Eva Abbott VIC
10 Chalie Maxwell SA

Home learning With Schoolzone
1 Belinda Josey QLD

1 Aurora-Lee VIC
2 Noah Hull WA
3 Jahzelle Sucitra NSW
4 Cara Tierney VIC
5 Archer Romanowski NSW
6 Ollie Hallam TAS
7 Bailey Miller NSW
8 Khadija Fatima Syeda NSW
9 Eve Walton SA
10 Josh Beckham QLD

Little Live Pets
1 Phoenix Bruse SA
2 Grace Restom QLD
3 Kiera Glennon NSW
4 Alexandra Rose Grey QLD
5 Jazmin Van Zeeland QLD

Sylvanian Family
1 Rawha Mridha NSW
2 Zoe Barrow VIC
3 Olivia McDonald QLD
4 Addison Lock SA
5 Sophie Chung VIC

Collins Key
1 Kaitlyn Neuendorf QLD

Treasure X
1 Charlie Jones Vic
2 Lucinda Biegel WA
3 Ned Power QLD

1 Samuel Milinarek QLD
2 Georgia Wait SA
3 Emily Schafer NSW
4 Willow Bruse SA
5 Licia Ang QLD
6 Addison Rolfe NSW
7 Hannah Lily Temple VIC
8 Chloe Teale QLD
9 Matilda West VIC
10 Griff Whykes VIC
11 Melinda Rowe VIC
12 Maisie Tiainen QLD

Power Rangers
1 Alex Erpf QLD
2 Charlie Doyle VIC
3 Madeline Ferguson NSW
4 Jackson Hsn QLD
5 Eve Dicker VIC

1 Jessica Henry QLD

Little Tikes
1 Mia Lock SA
2 Indira Atlee NSW
3 Hamish & Connor Tymms VIC

Little Bubba My Real Baby
1 Amelia Krajcik NSW
2 Sophie Martin VIC
3 Savannah Ellmers WA
4 Jasmine Selita VIC
5 Bianca de Lima WA
6 Caitlin Rees VIC
7 Chloe King VIC
8 Ella Stanborough WA
9 Evie Walton SA

Cat Junior Crew
1 Rylan Hobden NSW
2 Layla Zinzo VIC
3 Janine Boyington VIC
4 Harrison Burden TAS

Peppa Pig
1 Aaniya Stephen VIC

PJ Mask
1 Connor Mitchell NSW

Toot Toot Cory Carson
1 JesseUssher QLD
2 Xavier Rowley VIC
3 Connor Gray SA

Itty Pitty Pretty's Tea Party
1 Lilly Vonja VIC
2 Mia Koschel NSW
3 Talia Bonakey WA
4 Bev Rooke VIC
5 Imogen Lawman QLD

Paw patrol Jext to the Rescue Tickets
1 Adler Foxell QLD
2 Eddie Warburton VIC
3 Dihein Haputhantri VIC
4 Archie Smith NSW
5 Grayson Miller SA
6 Jacob Sucitra NSW
7 Kaye Serong VIC
8 Elena May Taylor NSW
9 Charlie Maxwell SA
10 Ziggy Jordan NSW

School Zone
1 Lindsey Smyth WA
posted 14-10-2020 @ 09:02 PM www


WIN None Shall Sleep and Other Side of the Sky Books!

Congratulations Vincent Camarda, Natalie Martin, Yvonne Chun, Joanne Walling and Gillian Ramsay!
posted 15-10-2020 @ 11:05 AM www

Cobram Estate winners (from email)

Congratulations to our 10 winners


You have all won a gourmet Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil prize pack, including a ticket to attend one of our upcoming November Virtual Tasting Masterclasses.

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