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Email query

posted 10-1-2021 @ 06:39 PM www
Email query

I am wondering if anyone knows if you leave the "au" off the end of an email would it still go through if all other info is correct or would you get a not delivered response.
posted 10-1-2021 @ 06:42 PM www

I would say no. Our family address ends in & any time senders have omitted the .au the sending has been unsuccessful. I don't recall getting any message letting me know of failure although sender may have received a notification.
posted 10-1-2021 @ 07:00 PM www

thanks Jaxxie88. I did send email for a comp and left the "au" off but didn't receive any notification to say if didn't go through so now wondering who will get it that email.
posted 10-1-2021 @ 07:05 PM www

Would it go through? From a .com to a ? Not usually.

A .com website address could be 'owned' by a completely different entity to the 'owner' of a website address.

The 'owner' of the .com may have a 'catch all' email address for email addresses that don't match any .com email addresses they have set up.

Even if an entity 'owned' both a and .com they might not have email set up on both.

posted 10-1-2021 @ 07:55 PM www

The "au" stands for Australia and in most cases Australian email addresses have .au at the end. A very few don't. .com usually means out of the US.
posted 10-1-2021 @ 08:09 PM www

Thank you all for the responses much appreciated.
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