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Tagging on Insta & FB

posted 14-1-2021 @ 08:25 AM www
Tagging on Insta & FB

Just curious from those doing tagging in fb & Insta comps - how many do you tag??? I have seen some tagging 20+ and others just 1 or 2. I read somewhere that tagging more than 5 shows you are a serious comper and are discounted. Thoughts???
posted 14-1-2021 @ 08:43 AM www

I tag three people max. My hubby and two daughters. I never tag friends, it would be annoying for them. I donít know anything about being identified as a comper, my accounts are real with real photos, some people have fake accounts just for entering comps which can usually be identified by looking at their photos if they have any.

Someone once commented unkindly on a comp entry I made and when I looked at the account it was clearly a fake, no posts, no photos, and when I went back a week or so later to look again, the account was closed down. Whether companies bother checking out entries, I donít know, some might but most probably donít because the prize is small value.

Just enter and forget but make sure you do what they ask, I see so many entries that donít follow all the requirements, such as tag 1, 2 or 3 people etc? Share it to you account etc. And always answer the question they ask which is often in two parts, eg. where would you go AND why. Many people only answer the first part.

Of course like all comps, sometimes the winning entry makes you go ďwhat???.Ē, just shake you head and move on.
posted 14-1-2021 @ 08:54 AM www

I only tag one person unless it is a prize I really want then I might tag 2. It has to be rare and extreme for me to tag 3 people. The people I tag are also people who like competitions. I don't tag friends that don't enter competitions. I prefer not to be tagged in with heaps of people but unfortunately I do get that sometimes. I have asked to be only tagged like I tag but unfortunately I think my wishes get forgotten LOL but I don't really stress over it. I also don't share publicly. I only share to the list of people that I tag. I win the odd competition but I am not a "big winner" so I don't know if my own "imposed rules" are anything to do with this or not
posted 14-1-2021 @ 09:12 AM www

Thanks Timewalker & Dabsey. Will just continue doing my 3 or 4 people and not stress over the others.
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