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Canadian Club - Win a C.C. Fridge Stocked with C.C. Dry (200 to giveaway!)

posted 30-3-2021 @ 05:57 PM www
Canadian Club - Win a C.C. Fridge Stocked with C.C. Dry (200 to giveaway!)
WOL, Creative Type Comp, Entry methods: Online, Freq: Unlimited, Closes 30/04/2021

Draw Date: 05/05/21
Results Date: 05/05/21


To enter, individuals must follow the prompts to the promotion entry page, input the requested details, upload an original picture of your old beer fridge, tell us in 25 words or less “why it’s time for it to be evicted” and submit the fully completed entry form during the Promotional Period. Uploaded files must be submitted in JPG, PNG, PDF, HEIC, GIF. format and must not exceed 20MB file size.

The best two hundred (200) valid entries, as determined by the judges, will each win a Essato Fridge (239L Top Mount White) valued at $669; 2 x cases (48 cans) of Canadian Club valued at $165; a Canadian Club magnet valued at $9.99 and a bucket hat valued at $29.99. Total value per prize is $873.98.
posted 22-4-2021 @ 08:35 AM www

WOAH! Awesome!
posted 5-5-2021 @ 07:26 AM www

Drawn today at 2pm
posted 7-5-2021 @ 09:59 AM www

Thanks spal30 WEM here . Very happy

posted 7-5-2021 @ 10:09 AM www

Quote: Originally posted by miakeira  
Thanks spal30 WEM here . Very happy

Congrats, what was the email title?

posted 7-5-2021 @ 10:15 AM www

Winners list posted on site. No win here, congrats guys
posted 7-5-2021 @ 10:48 AM www

Acret, T
Aikman , B
Akhurst, D
Ansett, J
Arrate, J
Ayre, C
Baguley, S
Barnett, M
Barry, T
Bartlett, B
Bates, R
Beach, A
Beckett , C
Bergamin, J
Berghuis, N
Bird, B
Birse, M
Bodle, Z
Borman, K
Boyd, V
Brown, M
Bryant, A
Burns, K
Byrne, S
Cairns , B
Calaizis, M
Campbell, C
Campbell, D
Carroll, M
Cattanach, S
Cauduro, N
Chan, A
Chard, K
Ciappara, M
Clements, I
Cobb, J
Cohen, C
Cole, M
Collier, J
Compton, C
Concessio, L
Constable, D
Coombes, R
Coombes, S
Copley, R
Cowan, C
Cox, B
Crossland, S
Cuthbert , A
Cutts, R
Darwen, K
Davidson, C
Davis, A
De Boer, I
De Giovanni, J
De Silva, N
Degei, A
Docherty, C
Dugan, T
Dunne, R
Dunnill, N
Dwenger, K
Eggins, T
Evans, L
Evans, T
Exner, K
Fallon, D
Farina, I
Farkas, C
Fielding, A
Fitzgerald, S
Flanigan, D
Flunder, C
Ford, J
Foster, L
Frogley, S
Fuqua, B
Gann-Owens, R
Geeves, D
Gersbach , A
Gersch , E
Ghandour, F
Gilbert, D
Giles, R
Gilkison , B
Golding, H
Grant, M
Haggarty, C
Hammond, T
Harb, F
Harding , J
Harkin, K
Harris, M
Harvey, E
Hawkins, J
Herbert, H
Hill, G
Hopper, D
Irvine, T
James, K
James, M
Jones, B
Kahler, P
Kalotai, S
Kamal, M
Kane, A
Kassissieh, J
Kennewell, D
Killoran, F
Kiraly, J
Kirkman , E
Knight, J
Leahy, E
Leary, T
Leventhal, M
Lobos, E
Lusted, B
Lydiard , P
Lyell, S
Macdonald , M
Maddison , A
Makin , G
Malone, D
Mantripp, R
Marx, M
Mason , B
Mazlin, M
Mcintosh , M
McIntyre, V
McLachlan, E
McLaren, D
Mclean, N
McPhee , C
Mead, M
Micale , P
Milkins, J
Miller, R
Moody, G
Moore, C
Morris , P
Morrison, Z
Mrazek, S
Muller, J
Murtagh , C
Nicol, M
Novosel , M
Nowlan, N
Ottelli, H
Panagopoulos , A
Parker, D
Parkes , E
Phillips, R
Phokion , K
Ratcliff , R
Raven, C
Relph, T
Reynolds , M
Ridge, T
Ring, W
Rutherford, C
Sanghera, H
Sawtell, C
Scerri, D
Scheriani, G
Schmidt, D
Scott, R
Scrivens, E
Sharpe, A
Shear, S
Shoard, P
Simpson, C
Skelly, T
Smart, E
Smikoff, V
Smith, S
Stevens, R
Stewart , J
Stubberfield, D
Tattoli, D
Taylor, E
Thearle, S
Thrower , C
Tilling, R
Treasure , E
Walker, M
Walsh, L
Walsh, N
Watt, C
Weir, L
Wells, K
Wendland, E
Wendt, S
White, C
Wiffin, T
Williamson , B
Williams, J
Wilson, M
Windon, C
Woolbank, S
Zullo, C
posted 7-5-2021 @ 12:43 PM www

Thanks for posting spal30
Hubby is on the list and had winning email
posted 8-5-2021 @ 01:01 PM www

WEM here. Thanks to poster.
posted 8-5-2021 @ 02:07 PM www

posted 8-5-2021 @ 02:38 PM www

My name is on the list, and I have had two emails saying I have won. Both emails are identical, but from different senders... anyone else experience two emails?
posted 8-5-2021 @ 05:15 PM www

Same here. Got a second email.
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