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Poll: Do you use a different sim for competitions?
Yes and sim is in a separate phone --- 1 (5.26%)
Yes and I switch in the sim with my mobile phone -- 0 (0%)
No, I use my personal (main) mobile phone only --- 18 (94.74%)


Do you use a different sim for competitions?

posted 4-4-2021 @ 12:11 AM www
Do you use a different sim for competitions?

Hi all

I did comping a few years ago but moved overseas for a few years and got caught up in my busy shiny life. :lol:

Now I want to get back into it but I remember constantly getting telemarketing phone calls and messages due to comping. My mum now has my old phone and number and she still gets phone calls for me from people wanting to sell me rubbish. Oops!

So I'm wondering if it's worth getting a separate sim for my other old phone. Like a $30 sim or something that includes some text. Or is this a bit overkill and constant calls from third parties is just part of the gig?

Interested to hear what you guys have done?

Sorry if this has been asked. I tried searching for it but couldn't really find what I was asking. :)
posted 4-4-2021 @ 12:35 AM www

I've found with most phones now you can just block these numbers or mark them as SPAM so you don't answer it.

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posted 4-4-2021 @ 06:56 AM www

I agree with gypsy, greatly limits annoying calls. Few still get thru but for me not enough to consider bothering with having different number, different email would possibly be worth considering
posted 4-4-2021 @ 08:44 AM www

I started off with a separate email and mobile phone for comping. The phone is on a really cheap plan but I find these days I struggle to remember to charge it. I do also get telemarketing and scammers on my personal phone also so it has defeated the purpose somewhat. I don't find I get too much marketing on it and if I do get a phonecall that I miss I google the number before returning it. Somehow my competition email has turned into my regular email because I check it so often although I do have filters on it. I find these days I get most of my prize notifications through a direct message on Instagram or Facebook with still a few on email. In the decade and some that I have been comping I have only had two WPCs
posted 4-4-2021 @ 08:53 AM www

I find as long as I avoid Wynnum competitions, and any comps that involved getting wine delivered to your home, I get hardly any marketing calls. The occasional call from a Cruise company - but that's about it.

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posted 4-4-2021 @ 11:34 AM www

I just use my normal number - I just block numbers that harass me with spam.
posted 4-4-2021 @ 12:45 PM www

For the sake of saving 1 annoying call a week, it seems more hassle than it's worth.

I just hang up and block, or don't answer any unknown number and google the number. Spam numbers are well listed on the internet.

A separate email is a must though.

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posted 3-7-2021 @ 06:30 PM www

I have a comp dedicated email address. I rarely get wining email phone calls. They email or else prizes just turn up. I just block nuisance calls.

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