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Sunrise - Win a $500 AmpolCash Card weekly, closes 3pm on Thursdays

posted 4-6-2021 @ 09:11 AM www


Angela Malicki, Qld
Chanele Davis, NSW
Darrin Stevens, NSW
Dean Trickey, VIC.
Iris Thane, NSW
Linda Troughton, Qld.
Michelle Higgins, VIC
Mike Wilde, NSW
Renee Koroi, NSW
Terry Summers, SA.
posted 11-6-2021 @ 08:54 AM www


Angelika Cearns, SA
Ann Joseph, Qld
Cassandra Wilkinson, NSW
Dianne Procopio, WA
Gail Jones, Tas.
Louise Barwick, Qld.
Lucinda Matthews, VIC.
Robyn Law, VIC.
Sophia Newman, NSW
Tania Baird, Qld.
posted 18-6-2021 @ 08:50 AM www

Anne-Marie Hargraves,NSW
Antoniette Rathjen,SA
Caroline Rennie,Qld
Dale Rosenow,Vic
Graeme Doust,NSW
Linda Gazzana,NSW
Patricia Mills,NSW
Sally Ireland,QLD
Travor King,SA
Troy Maguire,QLD
posted 18-6-2021 @ 08:53 AM www


Anne-Marie Hargraves, NSW.
Antoniette Rathjen, SA.
Caroline Rennie, QLD
Dale Rosenow, VIC
Graeme Doust, NSW
Linda Gazzana, NSW
Patricia Mills, NSW
Sally Ireland, QLD
Trevor King, SA
Troy Maguire, QLD
posted 25-6-2021 @ 08:48 AM www


Cliff Stevens, VIC
Cohen James Flannery, TAS.
Deidre Yench, WA
Jennifer Fryer, NSW
Jo-Anne Cox, QLD
Mohinder Singh, VIC
Norma Faulkner Hall, SA
Peter Wicks, NSW
Robyn Quigley, VIC
Roselyn Pennington, NSW.
posted 2-7-2021 @ 08:50 AM www

Todays winners:

Andrew Last,NSW
Danica Bachmann,SA
Desmond Bloomfield,SA
Diane Waroux,VIC
Graeme Bicket,VIC
Janette Cooper,QLD
Marella Jane Stanshall,NSW
Maryanne Stoddart,NSW
Norm Kenny,VIC
Simone Roberts,QLD
posted 2-7-2021 @ 08:52 AM www


Andrew Last, NSW.
Danica Bachman, SA
Desmond Bloomfield, SA
Diane Waroux, VIC
Graeme Bicket, VIC
Janette Cooper, QLD
Marcella Jane Stanshall, NSW
Maryanne Stoddart, NSW
Norm Kenny, VIC
Simone Roberts, QLD.
posted 9-7-2021 @ 08:51 AM www

Winners are:
Caroline Campbell,NSW
Carolyn George,QLD
Donna Hicks,QLD
Kay Heyboer,QLD
Kerrie Gale Andrew,NSW
Milenko Karac, NSW
Nicola Mitchell, WA
Pauline Galea,VIC
Raylene Oakenfull,WA
Samantha Cunard-Naramos,NSW
posted 9-7-2021 @ 08:53 AM www


Caroline Campbell, NSW
Carolyn George, Qld
Donna Hicks, Qld.
Kay Heyboer, Qld
Kerrie Gale Andrew, NSW
Milenko Karac, NSW
Nicola Mitchell, WA
Pauline Galea, VIC
Raylene Oakenfull, WA
Samantha Cunard-Naramos, NSW
posted 16-7-2021 @ 08:51 AM www


Bev Willis, VIC
Carol Birks, Qld
Chris Delahunt, SA
Debbie Tillack, QLD
Des Kalionis, SA
Diana Cipriani, WA
John Prior, TAS
Karin Lahn, VIC
Mark Simpkin, QLD
Vonda Harris, VIC.
posted 23-7-2021 @ 09:10 AM www

This weeks winners:
Dina Kyri,VIC
Dorothy Graf, QLD
Gary Hicks, QLD
Glenn Guenther,VIC
Graeme Bell, ACT
Kathleen James,NSW
Kerrie Bottroff,QLD
Maureen Harrison,NSW
Pat Loveridge,VIC
Robert Reynolds,TAS
posted 23-7-2021 @ 09:12 AM www


Dina Kyri, VIC
Dorothy Graf, QLD
Gary Hicks, QLD
Glenn Guenther, VIC
Grahame Bell, ACT
Kathleen James, NSW
Kerrie Bottroff, QLD
Maureen Harrison, NSW
Pat Loveridge, VIC
Robert Reynolds, TAS.
posted 24-7-2021 @ 09:01 AM www

Hmmm my names on the list but I havenít heard from them yet yep, it was me, very happy

posted 24-7-2021 @ 11:32 AM www

Quote: Originally posted by miakeira  
Hmmm my names on the list but I havenít heard from them yet

I won a few weeks ago and from memory I didn't hear until the next Monday.

posted 30-7-2021 @ 02:27 PM www

I didnít see a winners list, at all. Because of the Olympics coverage, Sunrise has been ending the program around 9am. I think they probably forgot to put it up.
posted 2-8-2021 @ 06:53 AM www


Christine McFarlane, NSW
Denise Aitchison, NSW
Donna Stevens, NSW
George Tomaszek, WA
Halim Kuthubutheen, QLD
James Strachan, QLD
Janet Mccouat, QLD
Lydia Kalmakow, VIC
Peter Kennedy SA
Travis Barkell, VIC.
posted 6-8-2021 @ 10:36 AM www

Did anybody happen to catch today's winners? (Living in hope) :)
posted 6-8-2021 @ 10:52 AM www

Donít think they showed it again like last week they didnít post until Monday , so thereís still hope

posted 6-8-2021 @ 11:14 AM www

Quote: Originally posted by miakeira  
Donít think they showed it again like last week they didnít post until Monday , so thereís still hope

Thank you for letting me know x Good luck to you xx
posted 10-8-2021 @ 07:44 PM www

Just wondering where you find the winners list for this comp each week.
posted 10-8-2021 @ 08:21 PM www

Quote: Originally posted by heckatee  
Just wondering where you find the winners list for this comp each week.

They normally post the winners up, during the show, on Fridays.
posted 11-8-2021 @ 09:45 PM www

thanks CompGaGa
posted 13-8-2021 @ 06:51 AM www


Ann Matthews, NSW
Beverley Richardson, TAS
Debbie Walker, NSW
Greg Amor, QLD
Jacqueline Gillan, ACT
Jim Boorer, QLD
Kenneth Kenneth, NSW
Lynsey Gaskey, NSW
Melissa McGuire, QLD
Urmila Urmila, NSW.
posted 20-8-2021 @ 09:04 AM www


Bianca Haynes, NSW
Jennifer Norman, Qld
Joanne Moore, WA
Karen Coleman, NSW
Rachel McNamara, ACT
Raymond Murphy, VIC
Remedios Cavestany, Qld
Steven Hatzis, WA
Tom Shatwell, VIC
Vera Graham, NSW.
posted 27-8-2021 @ 09:04 AM www

FRIDAY 27/08/2021 WINNERS:

David Halverson, QLD
Faye Locking, QLD
Garry Murtrie, VIC
Janis Wilson, VIC
Kevin Schellack, WA
Megan Waymouth, VIC
Peter Suckling, NSW
Silvano DiCandilo, NSW
Teagan Lynch, TAS
Wendy McCormack, WA.
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