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The AUSTRALIAN PNs – Monday, 5th JULY 2021

posted 5-7-2021 @ 11:41 PM www
The AUSTRALIAN PNs – Monday, 5th JULY 2021

Sunrise Cash Cow
A White VIC, L Grífiths WA,
M Wilkinson WA, J Vucago NSW,
R Achterberg VIC, J Liddelow QLD,
L Karphakis VIC, T Jarvis SA,
A Davenport NSW, S Bazely VIC,
M Quinn QLD, S Robinson QLD,
O Phalomeke NSW,
B Steain NSW, L Kievit TAS,
H Clancy NSW, C Becroft NSW,
B Yeung SA, Y Jarara VIC,
A Black VIC.

Customer Feedback
Prize Draw Winner 1:
Alice Roach
Draw Date:
12 May 2021

Sunrise Fuel Your Friday Competition -
B Turner VIC, L Wright QLD, D HIcks
NSW, C Locking QLD, T Walker SA, S
Butler NSW, L Wake VIC,B Humphrys SA,
M Hitchins VIC, M Graham VIC, R Koroi
NSW, M WiIde NSW, I Thane NSW, D
Trickey VIC, D Stevens NSW, T Summers
SA, M Higgins VIC, A Malicki QLD, L
Troughton QLD, C Davis NSW, R Law VIC,
G Jones TAS, A Cearns SA, S Newman
NSW, T Baird QLD, L Matthews VIC, C
Wikinson NSW, A Joseph QLD, D
Procopio WA, L Barwick QLD, C Rennie
QLD, G Doust NSW, A Hargraves NSW, D
Rosenow VIC, T Maguire QLD, L Gazzana
NSW, S Ireland QLD, A Rathjen SA, P Mills
NSW, T King SA, R Quigley VIC, N
Faulkner Hall SA, C Flannery TAS, C
Stevens VIC, R Pennington NSW, D
YENCH WA, J Fryer NSW, P Wicks NSW, J
Cox QLD, M Singh VIC


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