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Tell Me Baby Win a $150 Baby gift card

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Tell Me Baby Win a $150 Baby gift card
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Considering giving your baby a bottle, but not sure which ones to get, or how to go about it? Here are 6 tips to make it all easier - as well as the chance to win a $150 BABY gift card (which can be used at 9 baby shops, including Baby Bunting).

ou by Tommee Tippee.

The time has come to introduce your baby to bottle-feeding. Maybe you’re ready to go back to work, maybe you’re just ready. Whatever the reason, you want the transition to be as smooth and harmonious as possible so both you and baby can still enjoy that special feeding time.

Here are some tips that might just come in handy when trying to bottle-feed your baby.

Get nice and comfy

When it comes to bottle-feeding, get into a comfortable position, cuddling your baby nice and close. Then keep your baby in a fairly upright position, while supporting their head and neck with your hand. Tilt the bottle at a slight angle so as to control the flow of milk and stop your baby from choking, spluttering or taking in too much air. You can always pause to change sides to give your baby a fresh outlook with new things to focus on.

Select the right bottle

It may take a bit of trial and error, but hunt around until you find the bottle that is best for your baby. Tommee Tippee’s fantastic range will definitely have a model that suits. The Closer to Nature super soft silicone bottles are a great option, as they’re shaped like a breast and feel just like a breast, which is just what your baby wants. Unlike many other silicone bottles, they are made of odour-resistant material. Plus, they’re anti-static so stay free of dust or other particles, and are naturally BPA, PVC, and phthalate free.

Check the temperature

Warm up the bottle by placing it in a bowl of warm water or even holding it under a running hot water tap. Give it a good shake and tip up to test a few drops of breastmilk or formula on your wrist. Many babies like the temperature to be as close to body temperature as possible, so you don’t want to feel anything at all on your skin. If it feels a little cooler, that’s usually fine, but if you feel warmth on your skin, then it may be too hot for your baby. Heating in a microwave is not recommended as it heats unevenly and the liquid can burn your baby’s mouth.

Find a teat to suit

You need a teat that is appropriate for the age of your baby. For a newborn, you want a teat with a slower flow so your baby doesn’t take in too much milk or air. Tommee Tippee’s new Closer to Nature silicone bottles offer an incredibly breast-like teat that flexes, stretches and moves just like mum. It encourages a natural latch and has an anti-colic valve, reducing excessive airflow, so your baby takes in more milk and less air.

Ask someone else to feed

Sometimes a baby associates feeding with a mother’s breast so may not be at all interested in you feeding them with a bottle. This is when it might be helpful to get someone else to bottle-feed your baby – preferably someone who is familiar, such as your partner or the baby’s grandparents. Baby will then be able to properly focus with no distractions and get down to the business of feeding.

What if your baby doesn’t finish it all?

If your baby doesn’t finish the bottle, then simply throw away the remaining breastmilk or formula. You shouldn’t keep or store any leftovers, as bacteria from your baby’s saliva, or even from the air, can contaminate the milk and put your baby at risk of becoming unwell with vomiting or diarrhoea. This is definitely a situation where you are not being wasteful, but just doing what is right for your baby.

Read more about Tommee Tippee’s Closer to Nature silicone bottle, or read reviews of the Tommee Tippee range.

We’re giving away a $150 BABY gift card – it can be spent at 9 different baby and kids stores, including Baby Bunting, Ripe, Toyworld, Pure Baby, Adairs Kids and more!
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$150 BABY gift card (Tommee Tippee): J. Maher.
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