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JB Hi-Fi Competition - Dodgy Winner Selection

posted 14-10-2021 @ 09:32 AM www
JB Hi-Fi Competition - Dodgy Winner Selection

Is it just me, or is this the dodgiest competition winner selection?

JB Hi-Fi recently posted a FB Competition to win three GOOGLE NESTs.

They announced the winners on their competitions page:
(Winners: Dan McAndrew, Jamie Chapman, John Delphino)

A quick search on the Facebook posts (sort by "oldest" and load all comments until they are all loaded) for those names, shows the three (3) winners all posted within SIX MINUTES of each other.

See this screenshot (I took three screenshots, hovering over the post date, and combined them into one screenshot).

I may be crazy, but to me this doesn't seem right or fair?

If you entered this competition, I recommend sending a complaint to JB Hi-Fi for this obviously dodgy winner selection.
posted 14-10-2021 @ 10:17 AM www

I didnít enter this one, but I totally agree with what your saying.
posted 14-10-2021 @ 10:19 AM www

I actually won a prize from them a month or so ago and they aren't even responding to their emails.

I wouldn't call it a scam though, many of the so-called WOL seems to be more a random pick cause they choose the least creative answers sometimes. Just a real annoyance for those who went to the effort.

I think when they do this, this is when they sometimes run into trouble when they pick ones that are over 25WOL without checking properly.

Prize totals:
2017: $37,521
2018: $9,375
2019: $23,955
2020: $22,765
posted 14-10-2021 @ 11:04 AM www

Personally I'd call it lazy rather than dodgy. They've clearly not judged the WOL entries and have picked a time and selected the first 3 from that time point. It happens a lot. Which is why I enter WOL comps even if I don't have a good entry, because you never know when it's just drawn and not judged. In fact, whenever I win a WOL comp, I just assume it's drawn because most of my entries are pretty lame. :)

Harvey Norman once ran a comp with lots of winners (about 50) and all they did was put all the entries onto a spreadsheet then just listed the first 50 as winners. It was so obvious as the winners listed alphabetically all had surnames in the first few letters of the alphabet. It stopped at about F, if I remember correctly.
posted 14-10-2021 @ 11:28 AM www

Yes, I understand it's "probably" not dodgy, but in my experience with them, JB Hi-Fi have a history of not judging in time and not following their own T&Cs. If their T&Cs clearly state "This promotion is a game of skill and Winner/s will be selected based on the creativity of their answer."... then they should follow that.

SORRY - rant over.
I just can't stand it when companies like this clearly don't give a damn.
They put these competitions on to get more interaction and build their social media profile.
We (the customers) put in the time and effort - I expect their social media "gurus" to at least spend 10 mins reading entries.
As Peter Griffin would say... It Grinds my Gears.
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