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For those who have won a car, holiday overseas, house, or big bucks...

posted 17-11-2021 @ 12:39 PM www
For those who have won a car, holiday overseas, house, or big bucks...

Tell me your secrets!!!

Were they WOL's? If so, did you write a little poem? Did you just write the first thing that came to mind?

Were they purchases? Did you purchase lots of the items?

Were they from a magazine? Do people even win those things!?!

Tell me your secrets please :)
posted 17-11-2021 @ 12:45 PM www

No car, but a few holidays years ago when it was easy. One was a 9am tv show holiday win which was a daily entry, another was a 2.5k travel voucher which was a WOL and a trip to QLD which was also a WOL from memory

I donít think thereís any secrets, itís a lot harder now than it was 10 years ago thatís for sure
posted 17-11-2021 @ 12:47 PM www

Not exactly overseas but a few years back I won a trip to the Melbourne Grand Prix all expenses paid with flights, accomodation and extras like passes to the pits and corporate Box entry for the whole 4 days worth I think around $10,000. It was a WOL and as I always do I just stuck down some garbage that entered my brain in that instant. My answer was so memorable I had no chance of remembering it lol I wouldn't of even remembered it 3 minutes after I wrote it. It was an online entry and as it was about 9 years ago I can't even remember which TV station it was run through but it was one of the like channel 10 or 7. It has been one of my biggest wins. One thing I do remember fondly was the prize though. Hubby and I had a great time and still reminisce about it.
posted 17-11-2021 @ 01:06 PM www

2 cars product purchase ,1 car sms Plucka Duck, 1 caravan sms, lots of holidays and big cash a mixture of purchase and sms wol are not my strong point - cant win anything these days lol
posted 17-11-2021 @ 02:12 PM www

I have won trips with random draws (purchase required, I purchased 3 expensive bottles of champagne) and with WOL,(once with a poem, once with a one liner) itís been said on this forum over and over again, no-one has the magic formula for winning WOLís, try to be unique, witty, funny and mention the product/sponsor but sometimes they want heartfelt and sincere, who knows if all entires are even judged? Do they read them until they find one they like? Do they take a sample and pick a winner from that? Or does some poorly paid intern read every entry and pick something that appeals to him/her? It is getting very hard to win anything because so many people enter competitions these days and thereís so much publicity out there about comps, you can get an idea of past winning entries by scrolling through the competition winners forum on this site but most are from years ago and times change. Good luck.
posted 17-11-2021 @ 02:39 PM www

Have won several overseas trips (USA, Singapore, Vietnam, NZ x4) and Australian holidays (Sydney, Melbourne) over the last ten years. All were WOLs, some with product purchases but most not. Some rhymes, some not but all generally funny, witty or unique.
Winning such prizes has become increasingly difficult with the advent of Facebook and Instagram. Far more people entering competitions these days. I've almost given up especially with Covid.
Wish you luck!
posted 17-11-2021 @ 03:01 PM www

Won a car some years ago, had to purchase and complete entry forms at a major Shopping Centre. Put in a number of entries over a few weeks, had to be present at the draw, which I was on my own. I folded each of my entries oddly into various shapes just for fun. the many entries filled the boot of the car that I then won. When the first entry was drawn I knew instantly it was mine because of it's shape. I was speechless for at least ten minutes while they checked all my ID then confirmed all was in order. I have been a dedicated comper for 25 years and have won lots, big and small, also have a huge family who share all my purchases and winnings. In my family everyone's a winner.
Must say winning is much harder these days and I loathe the latest pre-determined winning moment comps which I refuse to engage in. Good luck fellow compers.
posted 17-11-2021 @ 03:18 PM www

I suck at WOL, to put it bluntly. I've won a car, and that was an online entry where only one entry was allowed per person.
I've won on the radio, one WOL holiday prize. But most of my big wins (holidays both overseas and Oz & cash) have been from purchase comps.

Clearly people win regardless of the entry method. You just have to work out what works for you, keeping in mind that since Covid started it's much harder to win anything at all these days. If you follow some of the Purchase Required comps threads, you'll notice there's a few surnames that appear on winners lists over and over again. Obviously purchase comps are their forte. How they win so much, I don't know, but it's likely to do with with the number of entries submitted.

I should add, except for one comp, I've purchased no more than about 6 products to enter.
posted 17-11-2021 @ 03:32 PM www

The majority of my biggest wins were from purchase product competitions. I only had a couple of entries in each of these competitions.

I have had one big WOL win and I have had one big win just by signing up for emails ($10,000 diamond ring).
posted 17-11-2021 @ 03:45 PM www

I won a trip to Fiji by purchasing one jar of Moccona coffee each week for 8 weeks. Each week I bought if it from whichever supermarket had it on special.
On the last day of a vodka cruiser comp I stood looking at them in the supermarket wondering whether I should purchase to try and win $100. Bought them, didnít win the $100, instead won a trip for 4 to LA and Las Vegas:)
posted 17-11-2021 @ 04:15 PM www

My husband won a Hilux, it was a purchase comp, he bought one pair of Explorer socks!
I also won a trip to Hawaii, it was about 13 years ago though and I think it was easier then. It was a purchase comp, I bought vitaweets and v8 juice, one entry for the win!
The excitement after those big wins was just amazing!
I have a lot to be thankful to lottos for!
posted 17-11-2021 @ 04:17 PM www

My husband won a Hilux, it was a purchase comp, he bought one pair of Explorer socks!
I also won a trip to Hawaii, it was about 13 years ago though and I think it was easier then. It was a purchase comp, I bought vitaweets and v8 juice, one entry for the win!
The excitement after those big wins was just amazing!
I have a lot to be thankful to lottos for!
posted 17-11-2021 @ 05:32 PM www

Trip to Italy - Blackmores purchase competition, had a choice out of 10 destinations I think. I think I entered 4 or 5 times.

Trip to South Africa - Tourism SA, WOL

French Scenic river cruise - Cruise Passenger, WOL

Trip to Taiwan - Pedestrian, WOL (Didn't get to go thanks to Covid)

$5k Flight Centre Voucher - Don Purchase comp. Think I did enter quite a few times. It completely paid for flights to Rome and a 10-night Mediterranean cruise

Never won a car, a large amount of money. Seems my creativity and luck lean towards overseas trips.

Prize totals:
2017: $37,521
2018: $9,375
2019: $23,955
2020: $22,765
2021 $32,484
posted 17-11-2021 @ 05:36 PM www

I've won two big things. Trip to Russia and a car.
With trip, I wrote a 25 WOL. Took me 10 - 15 mins. Did a rhyme but pretty much what came to mind.
I have Word Hippo open when I write my poems - helps me find rhyming words when I can't think of any.
With the car, it was 50 WOL and I spent several hours pouring over websites, researching, visiting the dealership and was very strategic.
Good luck to all. At the end of the day, it is very subjective and anyone can win. Nobody has the magic formula.
;). ;). ;)
posted 17-11-2021 @ 07:02 PM www

I been blessed to win some major prizes such as $10000 cash in 2018 IGA purchase promotion and I didn't go overboard just bought some items weekly, no car win yet but I hope as never had brand new car, I have never won a overseas holiday but trip to Bondi for Rio dash for cash promo in 2011 for buying some Rio underwear so mainly I do purchase ones , a couple good all expenses paid gold coast holidays in 2004 n 2007 , no secret except have a entry in .I won heaps more. As it my passion but I miss old days of mail in entries.Got to be in it to win it.
posted 17-11-2021 @ 08:09 PM www

Have been extremely lucky to win two cars. One in Take 5 magazine Years ago and one recently in a purchase comp.
I am not good at WOL. Both major prizes were purchase comps or just plain luck.
You have to be in it to win it.
I am not interested in comps for overseas holidays anymore
As others have said, its a lot harder to win nowdays.
posted 17-11-2021 @ 08:59 PM www

I've won $1000 a few times in purchase comps. Just luck
Trip to Tassie WOL (Not poem)
Trip to Hong Kong WOL (Not poem)
Trip to FIJI WOL+purchase (Not poem)
Trip to UK WOL+purchase (Not poem)
I have also won with poems.

As KimmyWimmy said, judging is subjective.

Just enter and forget.

Prize wins 2014: $37680
Prize wins 2011: $13000
previous years about $25000

The harder you work the luckier you get
posted 18-11-2021 @ 09:15 PM www

I've been comping on and off since I was 30. I'm now 51. I won my first major prize 4 years ago which was airfares and a European river cruise (WOL), then the year later trip to Hawaii (WOL), trip to Tassie (WOL) then last year business class airfares to Europe (WOL). I've entered hundred of competitions of random draw competitions and won nothing big in 21 years. I spend hours and hours thinking of WOL and it's pretty much all I enter now.
posted 19-11-2021 @ 04:33 AM www

Trip for 4 people New York - purchase
35 day Gillopoli Cruise - radio
Fiji - product
USA, Qld, NSW, VIC trips - radio

My thing is radio comps, then products. Won few things WOL.

Getting harder but love comping.

posted 19-11-2021 @ 09:51 PM www

My biggest prize a $55,000 world trip was a purchase, 3 x products and a lucky draw.

Car:- 25wol and yes it rhymed. No purchase.

$28,000 luxury holiday 25 wol and yes, it rhymed. No purchase.

$30,000 cash - a draw. No purchase

HK holiday - a draw. No purchase

Everything else and there's been a lot has been a mixture of random draws and WOL pretty well 50/50. No secrets. No strategy.

Haven't won anything much for 5 years!

posted 24-11-2021 @ 06:33 PM www

I am grateful for all my wins. I did win a car from one product purchase and 3 overseas trips; one from one purchase entry, one from a WOL, and one from online entry. It's not so easy to win these days, maybe when covid is over, marketing budgets and overseas travel and car prizes will return.
posted 24-11-2021 @ 07:43 PM www

Good to reflect on wins every now and then.

Biggest win $25K - trip to Rugby World Cup in Japan - purchase 1 entry
Trip to LA - 50 WOL - not a rhyme
Family trip to Bali - purchase
$10K - wine purchase - 1 entry
Lots of Radio station 25 WOL wins!

Havenít won a carÖ day!!!!
posted 25-11-2021 @ 10:38 PM www

My best wins have been with WOL entries - a trip to France, a New Zealand cruise with Celebrity Cruises (which I'm yet to take thanks to Covid), a luxury trip to Melbourne staying at Crown Towers, luxury accommodation in Thailand and quite a few hotel stays, theatre and ballet tickets etc. I've found that trying to think of a WOL entry that's out of the box sometimes works, and I think humour works as well. I have done the odd rhyme here or there and had some success but I don't think all promoters like rhymes to be honest. However my biggest win was in May this year when I won a Land Cruiser Defender and Patriot Camper Trailer when I bought a ticket in a collectable car raffle I saw on Facebook. I figured it would be better odds than Lotto since not as many people would enter it and I was right! So keep in mind other things where there might be fewer entries.
posted 16-1-2022 @ 07:29 AM www

Iíve won a car 2 trips to USA one to Paris. Cash $10000 but now wins are few and far
posted 30-1-2022 @ 08:34 PM www

I've won over the last 15 years:

$25k - Radio (1 entry)
$10k - 25WOL - Channel 10 (1 entry) - something true
Car at a conference - 25WOL (1 entry) - something true
Trip to Boston to see Pearl Jam - Radio (1 entry)
Trip to LA - Radio (1 entry)
Trip to LA - WOL - Sunrise Channel 7 (1 entry) - poem
Trip to Paris - Radio (1 entry)
Trip to Daydream - Radio (1 entry)
Alaskan Cruise - Online - (1 entry)
Trip to London - Radio - (1 entry)

Life has gotten busy so haven't been comping as much but I am going to get back into it this year! Onwards and upwards xx

Good luck
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