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Nutella - Win a Nutella Oodie

posted 30-4-2022 @ 12:35 PM www
Nutella - Win a Nutella Oodie
Entry methods: Online, Purchase Req, Freq: 1 Entry/Unique Code, Closes 03/07/2022


Saw Nutella jars in Woolworths
Terms not active yet

Purchase a specially marked jar
Scratch panel to reveal code
One entry per code

Weekly draws
- 45 in week 1
- 65 per week in weeks 2-8
posted 30-4-2022 @ 03:07 PM www

The trouble with this prize if you win is.. your now own a Nutella Oodie! :D:D:D

Prize wins 2014: $37680
Prize wins 2011: $13000
previous years about $25000

The harder you work the luckier you get
posted 30-4-2022 @ 06:13 PM www

Saw specially marked jars this afternoon while shopping. The terms are printed so small, I couldn't even read them with glasses on but I bought one anyway. Shame it hasn't started yet, but I'm sure the code will come in handy later if I can't find any specially marked jars. I'd love to win an Oodie, so this will be fun. Fortunately the family love Nutella so I can get a few entries in.
posted 1-5-2022 @ 04:11 PM www

jars have been out for over a week at Woolies and Costco

Why stress today about something tomorrow you will laugh about so enjoy the rest of today & get ready for a great laugh tomorrow
Charger Brooks 77
posted 10-5-2022 @ 05:57 AM www

I've never had any luck with the Nutella competitions!
posted 14-5-2022 @ 08:11 PM www

I'm a winner already! My son gave me an Oodie for Mother's Day. :)
posted 14-5-2022 @ 11:41 PM www

Quote: Originally posted by Smiley  
I'm a winner already! My son gave me an Oodie for Mother's Day. :)

Great Mother's Day gift from your son Smiley :D I have 2 Oodies and they are fantastic. I wear them, use them for blankets, use them as bolster to elevate my swollen feet. They are so cuddly and Oodies :love::love:
posted 14-5-2022 @ 11:55 PM www

I love it too. My only regret is that I didn't get one sooner. I'd be happy to win a Nutella one too. One for upstairs and one for downstairs. :yes:
Quote: Originally posted by Galah88  
Quote: Originally posted by Smiley  
I'm a winner already! My son gave me an Oodie for Mother's Day. :)

Great Mother's Day gift from your son Smiley :D I have 2 Oodies and they are fantastic. I wear them, use them for blankets, use them as bolster to elevate my swollen feet. They are so cuddly and Oodies :love::love:
posted 15-5-2022 @ 09:56 PM www

I was just reading through the T&C and found there's a 2nd part to this comp if you purchase through Coles.
At the end of the promotion, everyone who purchased through Coles goes into a draw to win 1 of 200 $50 Coles gift cards.
That's a nice bonus. :)
posted 24-5-2022 @ 12:54 PM www

L Anderson QLD
R Arcilla NSW
A Bashir NSW
L Bennett NSW
S Booth ACT
L Boxall SA
A Coles QLD
M Crompton VIC
M Cusack QLD
TK Doan SA
TJ Edmonds NSW
I Elghamraoui NSW
C Flakemore VIC
J Gordon QLD
S Hadaway ACT
I Hajdu NSW
A Hallam VIC
B Hayward VIC
K Jaswal VIC
S Joass NSW
W Johnson QLD
S Lester QLD
E Letts QLD
H Mason QLD
L McEvoy NSW
E Miles VIC
K Morrisby TAS
B Murphy NSW
A Nazer NSW
S Oyetunji SA
H Pennings QLD
R Pintaudi ACT
M Robinson NSW
Z Rogers NSW
J Sbardella VIC
S Simaris VIC
M Spagnoletti SA
A Streeter QLD
K Teiffel NSW
K Thornton QLD
L Vella VIC
A Weiske QLD
posted 24-5-2022 @ 02:02 PM www

Thanks for the list stass1. Nice to see they're posting winners as they go.
Second draw is today.
posted 24-5-2022 @ 04:09 PM www

Not even 1 person from WA :( Hopefully in next draws :)
posted 25-5-2022 @ 01:03 PM www

Does your purchase roll over???
WA No winners!
posted 26-5-2022 @ 11:48 AM www

Week 2 winners

R Newson NSW
D Beaman ACT
L Beintema VIC
K Butler QLD
A Buykx NSW
M Collins NSW
S Cooper QLD
P Craig ACT
S De Rossi QLD
K Dowton NSW
S Doyle NSW
E Eastwell QLD
L Eaton QLD
B Edwardes VIC
C Edwards NSW
D Ferguson NSW
T Fernando NSW
E Field TAS
L Fletcher NSW
C Galea QLD
M Garland NZ
M Gaspi NSW
N Guglietti SA
I Harding VIC
B Hess VIC
S Johnson VIC
C Jones QLD
A Kemp VIC
A Khan ACT
F Khan VIC
K King VIC
S Kulaga NSW
F Latham VIC
L Lyra WA
V Malhotra VIC
M Manning NSW
H Marshal NSW
J Mcinerney NSW
K McKissack-broad VIC
H Mentor NZ
V Morgan NSW
V Murray QLD
J Nero NSW
D Newberry QLD
C Nolan QLD
V Pacey NSW
J Pardede SA
J Parker WA
T Penney NZ
S Petit QLD
Y Rahaman VIC
A Redmond TAS
K Roberts VIC
M Robinson ACT
M Smith NSW
T Vaughan QLD
E Venning QLD
G Voller QLD
S Wilson NSW
B Windsor NSW
J Yeomans WA
M Yoffa VIC
posted 26-5-2022 @ 11:50 AM www

Quote: Originally posted by Shazbug  
Does your purchase roll over???
WA No winners!

For the avoidance of doubt, entries received in respect of each draw will be rolled over to subsequent draws, unless it is drawn as a winner and therefore will not be included in any subsequent draws.
posted 23-6-2022 @ 06:43 AM www

J Aitken VIC
E Alonso NSW
E Ambrozy QLD
K antrobus QLD
J Armstrong QLD
K Baker NSW
S Berwest WA
M Bevan NSW
K Bussell NSW
T Collinson SA
A crocker SA
M Cross NSW
T De Battista NSW
S Delfino SA
A Diez QLD
R El hamwi NSW
J Giddings NSW
L Gilbert QLD
S Goldberg VIC
B Grech QLD
J Halliday NSW
A Hazer VIC
M hebiton WA
C Hughes VIC
S Johnston NSW
M Judd SA
C Kaye QLD
H Khiami NSW
N Kotze QLD
M La Porta VIC
R Layton QLD
N Ledgerwood QLD
K Lenton SA
M Lourens NZ
S Manochehri Fard WA
P Massaro VIC
W Matthes QLD
E McKenna QLD
S McMannis VIC
O Mitchell NZ
C Moore VIC
K Morelli NZ
L Peters NSW
M Pineda-Gonzlez SA
C Pisani NSW
B Presilski VIC
I Rahuman VIC
B Rendall NSW
S Robinson QLD
L Shibata QLD
J Simpson WA
J Stanford ACT
S Surti QLD
I Swann SA
S Swift NSW
J Tellez QLD
J Vulin WA
M Watt VIC
D Wolbers VIC
M Yakoub QLD
B Yates NSW
H York NSW
posted 23-6-2022 @ 06:44 AM www

N A Mwez QLD
H Aifandis SA
K Alexander NSW
J Auld QLD
P Ayoub NSW
D Benham VIC
M Brennan QLD
L Brown NSW
J bryant VIC
E Bushby QLD
M Chiswell VIC
C Cole QLD
K Craik SA
A Crockett VIC
M Dimartino VIC
K Donges NSW
S Fahmi TAS
K Fraser QLD
y Gao QLD
A Gligorevic VIC
M Green QLD
P Harte VIC
L Helps VIC
K Hokayem NSW
L Hosking QLD
R Iyer NSW
N Jefferis VIC
A Joumaa NSW
T Kalogirou NSW
N Karpanen NSW
K Krogh VIC
K Lester QLD
A martinez NSW
R Martland QLD
M Middlebrook QLD
L Morosin NSW
L Morris VIC
H Neill VIC
M Nemes VIC
T Nicholls QLD
S Peterson NSW
T Pham VIC
N Pickering NSW
S Pitts SA
S Portwine VIC
D Randal NZ
C Reichl SA
T Reichman ACT
R Schwerin QLD
L Shaw VIC
R Shrestha NSW
C Silvester WA
M Simmons QLD
M Smith SA
G Souza NSW
V Teakle VIC
N Ucang SA
H Valdes VIC
K Verburg QLD
N Villavicencio NSW
J Wall NSW
T Watts QLD
S Wild NZ
posted 23-6-2022 @ 06:45 AM www

S Adamson VIC
S Anthony NSW
S Araullo NSW
J Baker VIC
J Baldacchino VIC
L Canicais WA
C Charlton VIC
V Chew VIC
A Clarke SA
S Crookston NSW
T Currie QLD
E Denis VIC
K Devineni VIC
A Drummy NZ
J Ellis VIC
l farrugia NSW
K Ferguson QLD
C Groff SA
A Hammoud VIC
S Hart WA
J Hodson QLD
A Hollitt-Keeping QLD
S Howard VIC
M Hudson QLD
c hudson VIC
R Ison WA
M Jahn WA
S Kakkar VIC
M Keith NSW
A Kemp NSW
J Ksiazkiewicz SA
S Leary NSW
D Lluz VIC
G Lohrey TAS
R Mahjabin VIC
s mahmud VIC
L Maitland NSW
C Manning SA
Y Masri NSW
C McCloud ACT
M Menzies NSW
K Moreno VIC
V OConnor VIC
O Oliveros WA
B Page NSW
E Pascoe VIC
H Penney NSW
S Purcell WA
F Regalado NSW
J Ritchie QLD
A Rose ACT
M Sabih NSW
A Sergi SA
S Short VIC
A Simmons QLD
N Smith NSW
K Smith QLD
P Stretz QLD
A Sweeney NSW
l toohey NSW
N VanderRos WA
K Wilson QLD
posted 23-6-2022 @ 06:46 AM www

V Thai ACT
A Shah NSW
N Ciocca NSW
E Bessiris NSW
M Hassan ACT
V Kakos NSW
R Widjaja NSW
j Taee NSW
B Garabelli NSW
m camilleri NSW
J Haskins NSW
C Doughman NSW
L Bell NSW
K Ennik NSW
M Jajieh NSW
B Sentana NSW
M Storer NSW
V Toth NSW
J Segorbe NSW
D Kutni NSW
A Bhatia NSW
A Giles NSW
T Tzimoulas NSW
J Cree NSW
S Polozani NSW
D Trivedi NSW
N Usljebrka NSW
J Mundy QLD
R Freeman QLD
T Azzopardi QLD
K Humphreys QLD
R Gofton QLD
A Uili QLD
B Sofa QLD
A McEwen QLD
J Coulter QLD
S Campbell QLD
P Bullen QLD
B Finger QLD
K Fenney SA
T Reid TAS
B Taliana VIC
M Dhariwal VIC
A Anderson VIC
M Taylor VIC
L Hellier VIC
D Reilly VIC
b federico VIC
T Peckett VIC
K Klapsinos VIC
g drohan VIC
M Potter VIC
J Ocone VIC
D Smethurst WA
L Barlow WA
J Prinsloo WA
M Tedmanson WA
A Baldock WA
T Kelly WA
N Funari-Roche Auckland
A Ross Auckland
L Lily New Plymouth
posted 3-7-2022 @ 11:31 PM www


M Anderson NSW
C Behncke VIC
S Bhullar ACT
G Bowe NSW
J Bowerman TAS
C Britt VIC
B Brown ACT
A Butcovan NZ
D Buys NSW
C Chakrabarti QLD
J Christodoulou ACT
C Cooke NSW
J Cooper QLD
B Cranney NSW
S Currey QLD
K Daley NSW
B Deoma VIC
D Dippel NSW
T Duci mayall VIC
T Dunn VIC
P Duzgun QLD
B Eades QLD
J Fairley QLD
M Fekeila QLD
N Ferris NZ
C Field VIC
T Francolino VIC
L Gambrill QLD
A Gjeorgjiev VIC
S Gliguroski NSW
S Golovodovski NSW
J Gonzalez NSW
V Green NSW
M Hanna NSW
M Klein NSW
J Loffler VIC
M Lucas QLD
S Marshall WA
J McBride VIC
K McCormick NSW
J Mcgeady-demaid QLD
b Mullens VIC
J Murray NSW
T Musgrove VIC
H Musson VIC
H Padovan VIC
T Piccinin NSW
D Pietrantonio NSW
C Preyer VIC
T Raffay VIC
g Ramsbottom SA
A Ramsden WA
M Reid-Bullot QLD
D Rippon ACT
A Russo NSW
A Saad NSW
L Standies NZ
J Stockwell NSW
L Taylor VIC
K Thomas SA
J Tolley VIC
K Vincent QLD
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