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Gelatissimo - Win an European-inspired holiday at Guestlands Italia, Sydney

posted 27-5-2022 @ 12:43 PM www
Gelatissimo - Win an European-inspired holiday at Guestlands Italia, Sydney
WOL, Entry methods: Online, Freq: Once Only, Prize pool: $3,600, Closes 07/07/2022


To celebrate our Flavours Around the World range, we are giving you the chance to win an amazing European-inspired holiday at the stunning Guestlands Italia!

Prize includes:
Two nights' accommodation at Guestlands Italia B&B
Self serve breakfast
Complimentary mini-bar
Daily happy hour
Private Chef candlelit dinner for two
Sports car hire
1L Japanese Yuzu Passionfruit Gelato
1L Italian Hazelnut Rocher Gelato
1L Turkish Baklava Gelato
$300 worth of travel expenses if travelling from interstate

What international gelato flavour would you create next?
posted 28-5-2022 @ 03:47 PM www

No kids or pets policy at accomodation
posted 28-5-2022 @ 04:08 PM www

2 nights! Really?????
posted 6-6-2022 @ 07:08 PM www

Quote: Originally posted by Newman  
2 nights! Really?????

It is in Sydney... Not Italy.
posted 7-7-2022 @ 09:57 AM www

Winner will be notified by email within a day of picking the winner and will have 48 hours to
confirm acceptance of prize

If prize is unclaimed, a new winner will be selected on Thursday 14th of July 2022 at 12midday

Guestlands Accommodation Terms and Conditions
- Guestlands is located at 10 Blacks Road Arcadia NSW 2159
- The following Terms and Conditions should be read and understood before making a booking
and are intended for your safety and ease of use of our property and services.
- Please appreciate that Guestlands is a self catering B&B style accommodation attached to our
private home and gardens. We are not a hotel or guesthouse although we do try to provide a
boutique resort style experience. Your respect for our private property would be appreciated
whilst staying as our guest.
- Your accommodation includes a private villa room and en-suite facilities, use of the guest
media/ lounge room and the dedicated breakfast/ café wine bar “ La Trattoria’ . Access to the
gardens, pool and spa areas is also included and we have parking available on the property.
- Free Wi Fi access is available but not guaranteed.
- Booking | Payment | Cancellation Policy
o In the event of any Covid lockdown restrictions are imposed by Government Health
authorities prior to the commencement of your check in date that prevent you from
staying us you can reschedule to another to date.
o If you or your travelling partner are required to isolate as result of being diagnosed with
Covid within 7 days prior to arrival, we offer full credit to reschedule to another date
otherwise standard cancellation fees apply.
o All notices, changes or cancelation requests must be in writing via our email address and confirmed by us to acknowledge and validate for the
avoidance of doubt.
o Guestlands reserves the right to cancel a booking at any stage. A credit to rebook will
be provided in such unlikely event or if possible we will endeavour to find you
accommodation of equivalent or better standards.
o We strongly recommend that guests take out travel/cancellation insurance.
o Check-in is from 2:30pm , check out is 10:30am.
o Late check out or early check-in may be available however is dependant on other guest
bookings or by prior agreement.
o Non- approved late check outs may incur a $100 per hour fee.
o We are a small B&B with limited rooms so please respect the time taken to prepare the
villa for you and incoming guests.
- Arrival:
Please keep us informed as to your arrival time, especially if arriving late. Your host will
welcome you and your guests and demonstrate the facilities how to use the equipment.
Guests must follow the instructions for using the TV's, DVD, coffee machine, kitchenette
facilities, Wood Fire Pizza oven and Spa. Failure to do so may leave you liable for any
damage they cause.
- Departure:
o When you or your guests leave you must ensure all doors and windows are locked and
the keys are returned. Please check that you take all your property with you as we
cannot guarantee the security after you depart. We will try to contact you if you have left
something behind and can arrange for their return if required.
- Damage, Soiled or Missing Property:
o The person booking the room or the cardholder is deemed to be responsible for their
actions and those of any of their party. Guestlands reserves the right to repair or
replace, with new, any missing, damaged or soiled items. Any additional cleaning will be
charged appropriately and may include any cost for loss of business. Losses include lost
income, specialist expenses and the sourcing of alternative accommodation as
necessary. You acknowledge and authorise that the charge may be debited from the
credit card or charge facility used for the security bond of the booking.
- Non-Smoking:
o For the comfort and benefit of our guests, Guestlands is a STRICTLY NON SMOKING
accommodation. Should you choose to ignore this policy, you will be asked to leave and
charged in full for your entire stay plus an additional $300-$500 for specialist cleaning to
your room. Payment will be debited from the credit card or charge facility used for the
security bond of the booking.
o Smoking maybe permitted in some of the open garden areas however we ask you
respect and not offend others that may be nearby. You will be charged for any
additional cleaning or collection of cigarette butts that are not properly disposed of.
- Guest Property:
o Guestlands and its staff does not accept liability in respect of any loss or damage to
articles brought onto our property. We also cannot accept responsibility for your cars
while parked on our premises. Your car is parked at your own risk.
- Lost Property:
o Lost property is held for a period of one (1) month. Although we will do our best to
contact you and advise of any property found it is the responsibility of you or your guest
to contact us to claim lost property. On request, lost property will be returned via a prepaid and addressed Australia Post envelope or courier at cost.
- Interruption of Essential Services:
o Guestlands does not accept any responsibility for failure or interruption of utilities or
essential services such as water, gas, electricity or telecommunications but shall make
every effort to provide temporary or alternative services where possible and contact the
authorities to report and remedy such incidences.
o Furthermore, in the event that a faulty appliance is reported, Guestlands does not
accept any responsibility for subsequent loss of amenity by the guest.
Guestlands has the authority and the right at any time it sees fit or reasonable to change
or modify all or any part of these terms and conditions. A copy of our terms and
conditions is published on our website

In the event of any Covid restrictions imposed by Government Health Authorites prior
to the commencement of your hire that preventing you from being able to collect the
vehicle you can reschedule to another to date.
o Australian Prestige Vehicles reserves the right to cancel a booking at any stage. A credit
will be provided to rebook in such unlikely event or if possible we will endeavor to find
you an alternative vehicle of equivalent or better standards.
o We strongly recommend that you take out travel/cancellation insurance prior to
- Cleanliness and Damage Policy
o At the Start of Rental You must inspect the Vehicle to make sure that any pre-existing
damage is noted and shown in the Rental Agreement -‘ Vehicle Condition-Damage
Report’ .
o Animals are not permitted in any of our vehicles. You will incur an additional charge for
any damage caused by animals, or any special cleaning required as a result of shedding
or accidents.
o You and any Authorised Driver must not smoke in the Vehicle and You must prevent any
passenger from doing so.
o Food and drink is not permitted in the Vehicle at any time with the exception of water.
o At the End of Rental You must return the Vehicle:
▪ a) in the same condition it was in at the Start of Rental, nominal fair wear and tear
▪ b) in a reasonable state of cleanliness , and;
▪ c) with a full tank of fuel.
o Cleaning Standards and associated Costs we define as follows:
▪ Acceptable no charge
▪ Minor amounts of trash
▪ Small amounts of crumbs, sand, grass or dirt on floor mats that can be easily
shaken off or vacuumed out
▪ Small marks that can be cleaned off easily by hand
▪ Moderate Cleaning up to $95
▪ Car exterior is returned significantly dirtier than it was received (e.g. dirt or mud
on car panels or underbody, wheels, or windows).
▪ Excessive bugs or insects , leaf matter or bird excrement on exterior or interior of
▪ Floor mats or upholstery are returned significantly* dirtier than they were
received (e.g. requires more than a shake-out or light vacuum to be restored to
original condition).
▪ Large amounts of food, sand, dirt, or mud that cannot be shaken out and must
be heavily vacuumed or chemically cleaned to remove.
▪ Light stains or residue on hard surfaces (e.g. liquid spills or sticky substances).
▪ Heavy Cleaning up to $500
▪ Major stains or residue on seat fabric or other hard to clean surfaces
▪ Heavy stains on car exterior as result from tar, leaf matter, bird excrement that
require paintwork to be cut, cleaned and polished or roof cover to be chemically
▪ Situations in which the vehicle would require steam cleaning or a full detail.
Smoke scent removal and physical remnants of smoking (e.g. ash, cigarette
butts) or removal of any offensive smell that requires deodorizing. If there is
damage to the vehicle (e.g. a burn mark) the cost of full rectification of the
material will be charged to you as damage.
▪ Damage Standards
▪ Damages with No Charge
▪ Minimum damages from normal wear and tear that do not require to be fixed
such as lower body panel stone chips or scuffs to body panels that can be
polished out.
▪ Any damage such as scratches, or bumps less then 5mm in diameter and 2mm in
▪ Minor chips to windscreens or wheels
▪ Damages that will be Charged
▪ Any damage such as scratches, or bumps in excess of 5mm in diameter or 2mm
in depth.
▪ Any cuts, tears or stains in the car interior or convertible roof
▪ Cracks or multiple chips to windscreens
▪ Any wheel scuff or chips in excess of 5mm
▪ Damages that will be Charged
▪ Repair or replacement of tyres due to puncture, tear or excessive use or braking
causing tyre tread scrub or bald patches and any associated costs for driving with
damaged tyres. (Note tyre and wheel damage is not be covered under insurance)
▪ You will be held liable for any unauthorised repair
o Tips to Avoid Car Hire Cleaning fees
▪ Empty the car the day before returning so you can clean any obvious marks / soil
/ sand etc
▪ Sweep or shake out any sand , dirt or grass from footwells and boot where
possible – vacuum if possible
▪ Don’t park under trees if possible (leaf matter stains and bird excrement)
▪ Wipe with clean sponge and water any obvious dirt / bird excrement marks from
bodywork / windows, be careful not to scratch paintwork. If in doubt just rinse
with water and point out the stain to APV staff on return so it can be
professionally treated. If you have used best measures to rinse stains off body
work then this will viewed favorably by APV staff and minimize cleaning fees (or
most cases may in fact be waivered)
▪ Remove as much sand from beach or dirt from shoes as possible before getting
in carDo not eat or drink in the car
▪ Have the car hand car washed before returning / roadside car wash
o Can I put a rental car through a car wash?
▪ Yes you can If the vehicle gets excessively dirty however any damage caused
would be your responsibility. If you do need to get the car washed before you
return it, we’d recommend a road side hand car wash, a quick shampoo and
vacuum should be more than enough, no need for a full car detail. This will likely
cost less than $20.00 and be significantly cheaper than the rental agreement
cleaning fees.
o What If I Return my rental car dirty?
If the car is considered excessively dirty, either inside or out you’ll likely find
yourself on the receiving end of a cleaning fee. Whilst this can sometimes be
subjective we have provided guidelines of what we consider acceptable or
excessive states of cleanliness. We recommend you take photos of the car inside
and out for reference and resolve any issues at the time of return with one of our
staff so there is no dispute later on.
Australian Prestige Vehicles has the authority
and the right at any time it sees fit or reasonable to change or modify all or any part of
these terms and conditions. A copy of our terms and conditions is published on our

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