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Let’s Go Caravan & Camping - Road to $1Million

posted 1-6-2022 @ 12:53 PM www
Let’s Go Caravan & Camping - Road to $1Million
Entry methods: Online, Purchase Req, Freq: Unlimited, Prize pool: $1,000,000, Closes 31/10/2022

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If camping wasn't a good enough idea already...

We are excited to finally announce the launch of our new promotion- Road To A Million! We're offering campers the chance to win a whopping million dollars- simply by going on a holiday!

Open June 1 – October 31

Once you’ve booked your trip hold onto the booking info!

Happy Camping!



By entering the ‘Road to a Million’ Competition (the “Competition”), you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:
1.1 Information on how to enter forms part of the terms of entry. 2. WHO CAN ENTER?
2.1 Entry is open to all residents of Australia of 18 years of age or older as at the date of entry except directors, management, employees and immediate families of the Promoter (Caravan Industry Association of Australia) and their associated companies and agencies and participating outlets. Immediate family means any of the following: spouse, ex-spouse, defacto spouse, child or step child (whether natural or by adoption), parent, step parent, grandparent, step grandparent, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, brother, sister, step brother, step sister or 1st cousin.
3.1 The Competition commences on Wednsday 1 June 2022 at 00.01am (AEST) and concludes on Monday 31 October 23.59pm (AEST) (the “Competition Period”). After this date no new entries will be accepted.
3.2 In order to enter, the entrant must be the purchaser and must go to our site (or similar) and complete the competition form by registering their first name, last name, email address and phone number, age range, gender, postcode, and provide the name of the participating business, accommodation type and the dates of their stay.

a) Individuals may enter multiple submissions resulting in multiple entries throughout the Promotional Period subject to the following conditions:
b) dates of stay are within the promotional period, one (1) form submission per stay/booking from an eligible participating business.
c) each night stayed per submission generates 1 entry
d) each Eligible Participating Business has an associated entry multiplier (based on geographic distance from relevant state capital city) applied to the number of nights stayed/booked per submission
d) Full list of Eligible Participating Business and their multipliers can be found at
e) each entry submission must be submitted separately and in accordance with the entry requirements (including the Terms and Conditions set out herein); and
f) an entrant can win no more than one prize. Excluding SA Residents who may win more than one prize.
g) An example of how Number of Entries is calculated:
Jane stays 3 nights in Dubbo at an Eligible Participating Caravan Holiday Park which is in Zone 3 (multiplier of 3) during the promotional period. After her stay she submits her booking information through the competition form during the promotional period. Her submission has generated 9 entries into the prize draw. (3 nights on her booking, multiplied by 3, for the associated multiplier from the Eligible Participating Caravan Holiday Park.)
For Accommodation providers the geographic distance away from the respective State Capital city determines the multiplier. Rental Vehicle bookings generate 2 entries per night booked and must be submitted separately to accommodation night submissions.
The entry must be:
a) completed and in the name of the purchaser of the goods and services
b) consent to the promoter verifying proof of purchase directly from the named business c) be able to produce on request an original receipt of purchase.
Entries that are found to have been derived from another person and / or not in the name of the purchaser will be considered invalid and, if awarded a prize, that prize must be returned
Zone1= Zone2= Zone3= Zone4= Zone5=
Rental Vehicle =
0 - 199km 200 - 399km 400 - 599km 600 - 799km > 800km
Entry multiplier of 1 /night booked Entry multiplier of 2 /night booked Entry multiplier of 3 /night booked Entry multiplier of 4 /night booked Entry multiplier of 5 /night booked
Entry multiplier of 2 /night booked

to the Promoter. The Winner may be required to sign a statutory declaration regarding the originality of the entry. The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify any entry it believes breaches any of these conditions.
3.5 Each entrant in the Competition may enter for each receipted purchase of goods and services from a participating business.
3.6 The time of entry will be the time at which the completed online entry form is received by the Competition’s online database. Entries received outside of the Competition Period will be deemed invalid and ineligible to enter the Competition.
3.7 Entry details and any intellectual property subsisting in the entries become and remain the property of the Promoter and will not be returned to the entrant.
4. Any entry that is made on behalf of an entrant by a third party will be invalid.

posted 29-7-2022 @ 12:35 AM www

There will be 5 winners, drawn randomly from the pool of all entries on the 7th November 2022.

The 1st person drawn will be given the major prize, a 1 in 250 chance draw to win $1,000,000 cash
If they miss the million, they will receive $5,000 in travel vouchers

The 4 remaining winners drawn will receive $1,000 in travel vouchers

Each night from your booking gets you 1 entry, your entry receives a multiplier depending on which caravan holiday park or rental you booked!
The further away from the state capital, the higher the multiplier!
* The following should only be used a guide (Each participating Caravan Park score will be make available shortly)

0 – 199km | Number of nights booked | multiplied by 1
200 – 399km | Number of nights booked | multiplied by 2
400 – 599km | Number of nights booked | multiplied by 3
600 – 799km | Number of nights booked | multiplied by 4
> 800km | Number of nights booked | multiplied by 5

*RV Rental | Number of nights booked | multiplied by 2

*If you rent an RV and stay at a caravan holiday park fill out the entry form separately for each booking 👍;)

If you stay at multiple caravan holiday parks during the competition period you can submit each stay separately for even more entries!
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