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Womans Day Super Puzzler Issue 191

posted 7-11-2023 @ 04:34 PM www
Womans Day Super Puzzler Issue 191
Codewords or Answers, Entry methods: Online Mail Coupon, Purchase Req, Freq: Unlimited, Prize pool: $60,083, Closes 08/01/2024


Kindly Note:
-You can only enter once online for each issue.
-The online coupon must be completed in one session and submitted when you have answered all the puzzles you wish to enter.
-The magazine cover, barcode or a receipt is required as proof of purchase to claim all prizes over the value of $250.
Entries for Australia and New Zealand must be submitted by 11:59pm AEST January 8, 2023

Coupon Answers

p4 Hair dryer
p6 Toyota C-HR
p10 Stand mixer
p12 Smart television
p16 $15,000
p20 $100
p22 $100
p25 Trolley case
p30 Cookware set
p35 Laptop computer
p43 Handbag
p47 Perfume
p48 Serving set
p55 $50
p59 $50
p59 $100
p64 Book set
p65 $100

posted 8-11-2023 @ 06:59 PM www

p4 Hair dryer - FEATHER
p6 Toyota C-HR - GARLIC
p10 Stand mixer - GRACE
p12 Smart television - not sure if P!NK or ALECIA HART ?
p16 $15,000 - EASTWOOD
p20 $100 - BAMBOO
p22 $100 - LANTERN
p25 Trolley case - LISTEN?
p30 Cookware set - SUMMIT
p35 Laptop computer - GLEN
p43 Handbag
p47 Perfume - SOUFFLE
p48 Serving set - REMEDY
p55 $50 - POOL
p59 $50
p59 $100 - TIRED
p64 Book set - DART
p65 $100 - SCIENCE
posted 13-11-2023 @ 10:40 AM www

Quote: Originally posted by Paigeroo_21  

p12 Smart television - not sure if P!NK or ALECIA HART ?

Wrong Puzzle the puzzle is the word search and the answer is : PLUM
posted 14-11-2023 @ 10:40 AM www

Thanks for all the answers just need 43 and 59.
posted 14-11-2023 @ 08:09 PM www

43. AMUSED, cheers & good luck to all
posted 15-11-2023 @ 07:42 PM www

Just need answer for 59. Thanks.
posted 18-11-2023 @ 02:59 PM www

Quote: Originally posted by wenwin  
Just need answer for 59. Thanks.
posted 20-11-2023 @ 07:37 PM www

Please check though as its the first time I think I have been able to solve this puzzle ever lol
posted 30-11-2023 @ 06:55 PM www

For 35 I got VIRAL
posted 7-12-2023 @ 04:40 PM www

p64 Book set - Driver(House of Gucci Adam DRIVER)
posted 1-1-2024 @ 07:43 AM www

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