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Air Calin Win 1 of 10 Return Flights To New Caledonia (flights are from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane)

posted 1-12-2023 @ 10:58 AM www
Air Calin Win 1 of 10 Return Flights To New Caledonia (flights are from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane)
Entry methods: Online, Freq: Once Only, Closes 08/12/2023


40 years already! Time flies, but one thing remains: our commitment to taking you on a journey. Ambassadors of New Caledonia since the beginning, it is thanks to you that we can be proud today of our history and our journey. We thus want to share this anniversary with you.

For 40 years, we have been transporting your dreams and emotions across continents, sharing our love of the sky. Today, ambitious at heart, Aircalin is committed from the tips of its wings to clearer skies and more sustainable travel.

For our 40th anniversary we invite you to participate in our BIRTHDAY LOTTERY to try and WIN 10 round-trip TICKETS to New Caledonia!

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the world!

Ar7cle 1 : Organisa7on
AIR CALEDONIE INTERNATIONAL (AIRCALIN), whose head office is located at 8, rue Frédéric Surleau - BP 3736 - 98846 Nouméa Cedex, New Caledonia, RDC NOUMEA 83 B 091 454, hereinaXer referred to as the organizer, is organizing a free, no-obliga7on game en7tled "40 years of Aircalin", running from November 24, 2023 to December 8, 2023 inclusive.
Ar7cle 2: Purpose of the compe77on
The "40 years of Aircalin" game will be made available to par7cipants via a form on the game website h^ps:// Par7cipants will be invited to complete the registra7on form by filling in the prescribed fields with their valid personal informa7on.
A copy of the rules is available free of charge from the AIRCALIN agency in Nouméa, 47 rue de Sébastopol, from Maître Olivier LESSON, Huissier de Jus7ce, 7 bis rue Suffren - immeuble Le Kariba au Quar7er La7n BP 210000 98466 Nouméa, and can be downloaded from the website h^ps://
This compe77on is neither organized nor sponsored by Facebook, Twi^er, Google, Apple or MicrosoX.
Par7cipa7on in the "Aircalin 40 years" game implies unreserved acceptance of the present rules in their en7rety. Par7cipants are also invited to subscribe to the newsle^er by checking the box "I would like to receive Aircalin promo7ons and news" in order to receive the best offers and news from Aircalin. Failure to comply with the condi7ons of par7cipa7on set forth in the rules will invalidate par7cipa7on.
The names of the winners will be randomly selected from among the entries received for the "40 years of Aircalin" game. Winners will be contacted via the e-mail address or telephone number provided in the entry form.
Ar7cle 3: Date and dura7on
The "40 years of Aircalin" game will run from November 24, 2023 to December 8, 2023 inclusive. The organizer reserves the right to extend any of the game periods and to postpone any announced dates simply by amending these rules.
Ar7cle 4: Condi7ons of par7cipa7on and validity of par7cipa7on 4-1 Entry condi7ons
The contest is open to all adults residing in Australia.
Par7cipants must complete the form in full, which includes the following fields: 1. NAME
6. Correct answer to ques7on

7. Acceptance of these rules
8. Acceptance of opt-in to Aircalin newsle^er.
9. Valida7on of par7cipa7on using the "VALIDATE" bu^on below the form.
The staff of the organizing company and their assigns, as well as all persons having par7cipated in the elabora7on of the contest, are not authorized to par7cipate. Only one entry per person (same surname, same first name, same e-mail address) will be accepted. The contest is subject to the regula7ons of French law applicable to games and contests.
4-2 Entry validity
All fields on the entry form must be fully completed and validated. Incomplete or inaccurate iden7ty informa7on or other fields to be completed during the entry process will invalidate the entry. The organizer reserves the right to eliminate from the contest any entry that does not comply with the rules.
The organizer cannot be held responsible for entries not registered by the applica7on set up, or not taken into account, due to technical problems occurring during par7cipa7on, beyond the control of the organizer.
Ar7cle 5: Designa7on of winners
The winners of the "Aircalin 40 years" game will be determined by a draw to be held on Tuesday, December 12, 2023.
Any entry that does not comply with the present rules will be considered null and void and will result in the designa7on of another winner from among designated alternates.
Ar7cle 6: Prizes to be won
The prizes to be won are as follows:
10 round-trip airline 7ckets to New Caledonia, i.e. 2 7ckets per winner (total = 5 winners). Fares :
• Melbourne –Noumea : 980 dollars RT excluding taxes
• Brisbane – Noumea : 780 dollars RT excluding taxes
• Sydney – Noumea : 930 dollars RT excluding taxes
Special condi7ons:
- Tickets must be issued before 31/12/2024. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the prize.
- These 7ckets are valid in economy class, subject to availability, value all taxes included.
- The value of the 7cket offered cannot be deducted from a 7cket purchased for another des7na7on.
- The 7cket(s) is/are personal, indivisible and non-transferable and may not under any circumstances be the subject of any claim, exchange or other compensa7on of any nature whatsoever.
- Prices do not include: airport transfers, meals, personal expenses, visas, travel insurance, quaran7ne.
- It is the 7cket holder's responsibility to comply with the formali7es required at the 7me of travel by the various departure, transit and arrival countries (visas in force, census,

authoriza7ons from the authori7es, health tests required, vaccina7ons, health passports, quaran7ne periods, etc.).
- Tickets will be issued by email and reserva7ons will have to be made online.
- In the event of a no-show on the booked flight, 7ckets will be considered lost.
(1) As Aircalin is the only company authorized to sell or issue 7ckets, you may simply offer them to a third party without any financial transac7on. Only Aircalin can make the name change. The transfer or sale of a 7cket would cons7tute usurpa7on of 7tle, as defined and punishable by ar7cle 433-17 of the French penal code.
Ar7cle 7 : Informing the winners
The winners of the prizes will be informed by e-mail or telephone aXer the draw. In order to do so, the winners' personal informa7on, as entered when par7cipa7ng in the "40 years of Aircalin" game, must be correct.
Ar7cle 8: Delivery of the prize
The winner will be invited by e-mail to provide informa7on enabling the organizer to award the prize. AXer 10 consecu7ve days without a response to the e-mail invi7ng the winner to provide informa7on, the prize will be forfeited.
Each prize is personal, indivisible and non-transferable and may under no circumstances be the subject of any claim, exchange or other compensa7on of any kind whatsoever.
If the winner's e-mail address is incorrect or does not correspond, or if technical problems make it impossible to contact the winner, the organizer may under no circumstances be held responsible for the loss of the prize. Similarly, it is not the responsibility of the organizer to search for a winner's contact details if he/she cannot be reached for any reason whatsoever.
Prize not collected: Any winner who cannot be contacted or who does not reply within 10 consecu7ve days to accept the prize and provide his or her contact details may not claim the prize, nor any compensa7on or indemnity of any kind whatsoever.
Ar7cle 9: No compensa7on
If the winner refuses, for any reason whatsoever, the prize won, he/she may not claim any other compensa7on. No request for exchange for cash or other items will be accepted.
Ar7cle 10 : Promo7onal opera7ons
By accep7ng the prize, the winner authorizes the organizer to use the personal informa7on provided in the entry form for promo7onal purposes on any medium of its choice, within the framework of the regula7ons in force, without this reproduc7on giving en7tlement to any remunera7on or compensa7on other than the prize won.
Ar7cle 11 : Data protec7on
The personal data collected during par7cipa7on in the contest is recorded and used by the organizer for the purposes of par7cipa7on and the awarding of prizes. The personal nomina7ve data of the par7cipant who 7cked the box "I agree to receive informa7on from Aircalin, by email and/or sms", are used for commercial purposes in compliance with the

General Regula7on for the Protec7on of Personal Data No. 2016/679 of April 14, 2016 and Aircalin's privacy policy, accessible by clicking here or at the following link: h^ps://é.
Ar7cle 12: Image rights
The winner authorizes AIRCALIN to use his/her name and image to promote the awarding of prizes. If this is not the case, he/she must make this known by any means at his/her disposal.
Ar7cle 13 : Liability
The par7cipant acknowledges and accepts that the sole obliga7on of the organizer of the "Aircalin 40 years" game is to award the prizes to the winners, in accordance with the criteria and procedures defined in these Rules.
The organizer shall not be held liable for any technical, hardware or soXware failures of any kind whatsoever, for the risk of contamina7on by any viruses circula7ng on the network, or for the lack of protec7on of any data against misappropria7on.
Par7cipa7on in the "Aircalin 40 Years" game implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteris7cs and limits of the Internet, in terms of technical performance and response 7mes for consul7ng, querying or transferring informa7on.
Par7cipants must compensate the organizer for any financial consequences that the organizer may suffer as a result of the par7cipant's total or par7al non-compliance with the condi7ons s7pulated in these rules, and in par7cular, without limita7on, in the event that third par7es allege that the personal informa7on filled out in the form is used without their authoriza7on, even though this informa7on was provided when the form was filled out.
Ar7cle 14: Force majeure/reserva7ons
The organizer shall not be held liable if, due to force majeure or other circumstances beyond its control, the contest has to be modified, shortened or cancelled.
The organizer reserves the right to carry out any checks it deems necessary to ensure compliance with the rules, in par7cular to disqualify any par7cipant who has made an inaccurate, misleading or false statement.
Ar7cle 15 : Disputes
The Rules are governed by French law. Any difficulty in applying or interpre7ng the Rules will be se^led exclusively by the organizer. No telephone request or claim concerning the applica7on or interpreta7on of these rules will be answered. Any dispute or claim rela7ng to the "Aircalin 40 years" game and/or the random draw of winners must be made in wri7ng to the organizer's address. No dispute will be considered eight days aXer the close of the "40 years of Aircalin" game.
posted 2-12-2023 @ 02:05 PM www

The prize values confuse me. What are 'dollars RT'? It's not the local currency. Is it some type of cryptocurrency?

Or does RT stand for Round Trip? In that case, I'm an idiot.

Article 6: Prizes to be won
The prizes to be won are as follows:
10 round-trip airline tickets to New Caledonia, i.e. 2 tickets per winner (total = 5 winners).
Fares :
• Melbourne –Noumea : 980 dollars RT excluding taxes
• Brisbane – Noumea : 780 dollars RT excluding taxes
• Sydney – Noumea : 930 dollars RT excluding taxes
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