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2024 "I would like to win.." prize thread / wish list

posted 28-12-2023 @ 08:08 PM www
2024 "I would like to win.." prize thread / wish list

Here it is! The 2024 "I would like to win..." wish list.

I love looking back each year and seeing what prizes you won that was on your wish list.

May everyone win something from their wish list this year.

Here are the previous year's thread / wish list, should you want to check and tick off any prizes you have won.







posted 28-12-2023 @ 08:10 PM www

My 2024 wishlist is:

- Outdoor furniture
- $5,000 cash
- Fridge
- TV
- Sewing machine
- Caravan / camper trailer

May the Winning Gods bless us all! Fingers crossed!
posted 28-12-2023 @ 09:09 PM www

Well the only thing I won on my wish list last year were movie passes although I did win a couple of nice prizes not on my list.
In 2024 I would like to win:

A Kimberley cruise
Cash and vouchers
A food and wine experience
Bedroom furniture
Movie vouchers
posted 28-12-2023 @ 09:43 PM www

Similar wishes but a few changes over the years. Thanks for the post dodger

2024 I wish for:
- Lounge room & bedroom furniture (same for MANY years)
- New little car for my daughter
- Dyson Vacuum cleaner
- Mobile phones
- Holiday
- Cleaner for a year

May the comping gods be in your favour 🙏
posted 28-12-2023 @ 09:57 PM www

My 2022 wish list just had a car because that's what I really needed the most. Didn't win one, so made a top 10 list for 2023 with the car as number 1.
Still haven't won a car this year, nor much on my 2023 list, so here it is again for 2024.

1. Car
2. European holiday or travel vouch (need to get to Paris)
3. Aussie holiday
4. Cash/Vouchers (totalling $5k+)
5. Kitchen or Bathroom reno
6. Couch/Furniture/Appliances
7. Events/Theatre/Concert tix/Experiences
8. TV
9. Security camera
10. Laptop

I should add, I did win some cash/vouchers (less than $1k); a major appliance; and 10 DP or FP to events or movies.
posted 28-12-2023 @ 10:01 PM www

Medium sized smart tv
Cruise out of Sydney

Prize wins 2014: $37680
Prize wins 2011: $13000
previous years about $25000

The harder you work the luckier you get
posted 29-12-2023 @ 09:51 AM www

My 2024 Wish List:
1. Car – mine in 22 years old
2. Bathroom Reno into a Wet Room
3. Mobility Scooter
4. Leather Recliner
5. Cruise
6. Dyson Vacuum
7. Baby items – for new expected grandchild
posted 29-12-2023 @ 10:53 AM www

It's still basically the same wish list I've had for 5 years, 10 years...with a few small changes for 2024.

I just copy & paste & update the age of my car each year...

1. Cash - any amount. It all adds up.
2. A car - mine is now 34 years old. I drive mr mska's 18-year-old car.
3. A holiday to London, Paris, Prague, Berlin, Italy, Fiji or Vanuatu. Or anywhere would be good.
4. A holiday to Broome, Queensland or Tasmania.
5. A long weekend in Melbourne or Sydney.
6. Vouchers - grocery, furniture, travel.
7. Tickets - Concerts, theatre.
8. A Kitchen Aid.
9. Air fryer.
10. Vouchers - Beauty treatments.

2024 total: $809.97
2023 total: $4,023.97
2022 total: $2,863.26
2021 total: $1,034.75
2020 total: $405.79
2019 total: $7,713.89
2018 total: $2,950.76
2017 total: $2,681.73
2016 total: $3,639.17
2015 total: $32,313.15
2014 total: $11,551.52
2013 total: $6,197.61
2012 total: $15,002.74
2011 total: $13,764.61
2010 total: $43,110.39
2009 total: $15,732.28
2008 total (from August 1st): $7,794.93
posted 29-12-2023 @ 11:54 AM www

My 2024 Wish List:

1. Any holiday (just bought a new Townhouse so I’m poor!)
2. Pet products (my dog Audrey is spoilt)
3. New Mobile Phone
4. Weekend away
5. Caravan / Camper Trailer
6. Any prize to be honest
posted 29-12-2023 @ 01:12 PM www

My 2024 Wish List:
Kimberley trip
Bathroom renovation
Ticketek and Ticketmaster vouchers
Endota Day Spa Vouchers
AFL Grand Final and Australian Open Package
Sparkling Bling

Good luck to everyone for some awesome surprises ❤️

Wins for 2011: $12,235.25
Wins for 2012: $2034
Wins for 2013: $9740.50
Wins for 2014: $15755.07
Wins for 2015: $7249.60
Wins for 2016: $2697.60
Wins for 2017: $5846.66
Wins for 2018: $6628.12
Wins for 2019: $5024
Wins for 2020: $3754.56
Wins for 2021: $5534.35
Wins for 2022: $5049.69
Wins for 2023: $3398.05
posted 29-12-2023 @ 01:14 PM www

1) A Car
2) Travel voucher
3) Cash (5k+)
4) Any kind of renovation
5) Grocery voucher (that would cover 18 weeks of Mat leave)
6) baby furniture / travel equipment
7) Fridge
8) Cleaner (was going to get one from the multiple births association, but Twin B died :sniffle: )
9) Laptop
10) Outdoor kitchen

Prize totals:
2017: $37,521
2018: $9,375
2019: $23,955
2020: $22,765
2021 $32,484
2022: $41,760
2023: $58,522
posted 29-12-2023 @ 01:31 PM www

I would love to win a trip to Uluṟu or enough cash to buy a van to take us there

posted 29-12-2023 @ 05:09 PM www

New car and a jpod camper or alike or cash to buy them
posted 29-12-2023 @ 06:26 PM www

I would like to win for 2024

Trip paid for. (preference London, or Paris for the 2024 Olympic games)
Shopping Spree
Cooperate box for an NRL game.
my first ever WOL comp :lol::lol:

Total winnings

2012: $10319
2023: $1071
2024: $117
posted 29-12-2023 @ 06:41 PM www

2024 Would put on my want to win prize list:
New gas stove
Luxury skin creams
Years worth of petrol
New car
Gardening products/vouchers.
posted 29-12-2023 @ 06:46 PM www

I think I'll amalgamate my 2022 and 2018 wishes:

Reverse cycle air conditioner.

I want to win things that I couldn't possibly justify purchasing for myself, currently lusting after a Breville Pizzaiolo.

And holidays to a specific destination, not general travel vouchers. In the days when I used to win holidays, I didn't realise how much stress was removed by being told the destination, the accommodation and the date, so that all I had to do was plan fun activities. A trip to Hawaii.
posted 29-12-2023 @ 08:27 PM www

Cash is King for me. Can be used for myself or sharing with family.
Fuel for a year.
Woolies grocery vouchers are always really good.
Holiday would be a cruise in a suite or balcony to anywhere, or a trip to Uluru ( Our favourite destination in Australia )
posted 30-12-2023 @ 12:42 AM www

Here's my wish list:
A holiday
It would be fun to win a year's supply of something (coffee, cheese, books, flowers, cleaning service, rent?)
A comfy armchair
Theatre, film festival, or dance tickets
An art course eg pottery or drawing classes

7LittleAustralians, I'm so, so sorry for your loss. I hope you have lots of support around you.
posted 30-12-2023 @ 01:41 AM www

I hadn't even added my Wish list the past 3 years, health issues meant very little time online.
2020 Wish List

1 Wouldn't mind trips within Australia
2 Motorhome
3 Cash
4 Home Reno's
5 Gift Cards
6 Super Camera, love my photography
7 New phone
8 A years free groceries/ Fuel
9 Metal detector

Pretty much the same for 2024

3 Cash and lot's of it

My little home needs lots done, now I've lost both my son's and limited abilities with health issues. I have no one to help me, even simple things like repotting plants are beyond me.

But in these times I'm grateful to have my home.

"My spirit is free. But I'll always be near. As long as I'm alive in your heart " That you will be my caring sons .

MY LOTTO MOTTO ~ We are here to help each other , have fun & hopefully win a few prizes along the way .~

I'm unsure of my mood right now!

“Perhaps it is good to have a beautiful mind, but an even greater gift is to discover a beautiful heart.”

"Set an intention...make space...surrender the outcome...and open your arms to receive."

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.

Fear is False Evidence About Reality

Some people dream about WINNING while others wake up and WORK HARD at it!

If you can't find a partner, find a wooden
chair!? RIP Duane


Try for 3 days referral link:
posted 1-1-2024 @ 12:31 AM www

My wish list for this year

1. New car, preferably SUV
2. European holiday
3. $10K+ cash
4. Cruise
5. Night in a hotel in my city
posted 1-1-2024 @ 06:30 PM www

Lucky I never give up:):):lol::lol:
1. CAR
3. Holidays
4. Kitchen/Bathroom Renovation
5. Kitchenaid
posted 1-1-2024 @ 07:36 PM www

My wish list for 2024

1. laptop (mines just hanging on)
2. Car
3. Grocery vouchers
4. cruise
5. Holiday (anywhere)
6. Cash
7. Movie Tickets
8. Theatre Tickets
9. Washing Machine

Fingers crossed. Actually be happy with anything.
Good luck everyone. Dream big. :)

posted 2-1-2024 @ 01:35 AM www

For 2024 I'd love to win
1. Holiday
2. Car
3. Money
4. Bathroom renovation
5. Shopping vouchers
6. Smeg appliances
7. Living room or Bedroom furniture
8. Vaccum cleaner
9. Uber Eats vouchers
10. Hotel nights away

Goodluck everyone!
posted 2-1-2024 @ 10:27 AM www

My 2024 Wishlist:
1) Holidays, short breaks, staycations, cruises etc
2) Cash, wishcards
3) Vouchers ( petrol, groceries, anything really!)
4) Tix ( movies, concerts, theatre)
5) Car
6) Good camera
7) Air fryer
8) Mobile phone
9) Computer
10) Gifts I can save up for Christmas for my grandchildren.

PS. On Sunny Coast. Raining!! Creek is going to flood today, so we will be stuck at home. More time for comping!! :)
Good luck Everyone!!
posted 2-1-2024 @ 01:33 PM www

I want to win
1. My first ever car (I just got my P's)
2. A holiday
3. A shopping spree
4. Big cash
5. A spa day
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