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Where are the new comps coming on?

posted 9-2-2024 @ 10:05 AM www
Where are the new comps coming on?

As we head into cooler months - I was hoping more comps would come on or eventuate this time of year. This time last year our household started the year with a bang - my son and I won both a galaxy tablet plus IPhone 14 - all realised for cash.

But I notice this year there has not been the lucrative both drawn and instant win comps like early last year. To make it worse there a number of instant win comps have dreaded winning moments format where you have to thread the needle in order to win.

I guess if you are a prize and fulllfillment firm in the comping business you need cashflow. Many long term lottoers may remember Prime Focus such a firm based in Victoria- they would have a string of comps run concurrently and had in excess of 60 employees - donít know if they still exist.

I love comping and get a kick out of winning - itís a mood lifter - but I hope there are more drawn and instant win comps come on as we progressed into 2024 year.

posted 9-2-2024 @ 10:17 AM www

Last year I won two very good hot drink flasks, different comps. We moved house and I cannot find them anywhere. I couldn't find them before we moved but hoped they would turn up. So I am hoping there are similar comps offered as the weather cools. I need them to keep coffee hot ALL day!

Prize wins 2014: $37680
Prize wins 2011: $13000
previous years about $25000

The harder you work the luckier you get
posted 9-2-2024 @ 10:21 AM www

Comping certainly has changed. It's still my favourite hobby but that rush of winning doesn't come very often anymore. I've gone from getting at least one prize a week to my situation now where I just got a WEM for a 10pk of Canadian Club, my first prize since mid-Nov last year! A combination of not as many comps, or at least not as many I'm interested in as I'm getting older and my kids are now grown, and too many 'scam' comps, ie. winning moment.

Remember when we used to complain about comps giving away 'land fill' prizes? Lol. They've now turned into better prizes but to get one you need to enter at that exact 'winning moment' ;)
posted 9-2-2024 @ 12:48 PM www

What happened to all the back to school comps, where you won
ipads, phones and MANY OTHER GREAT PRIZES!!!!
posted 9-2-2024 @ 03:17 PM www

I miss the old days, even the ring and instant wins from BHG, Family Circle, New Idea, Womans Day etc, there are so many scammers on facebook.
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