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Barilla Australia / Purchase 2 x Participating products to Win 1 of 200 Valentines Day Gift Packs

posted 18-3-2024 @ 08:02 AM www

They haven't contacted me if I did, and nothing has 'just arrived'

Find it very suss indeed
posted 18-3-2024 @ 08:15 AM www

Quote: Originally posted by Sands  
They haven't contacted me if I did, and nothing has 'just arrived'

Find it very suss indeed

posted 18-3-2024 @ 10:18 AM www

Quote: Originally posted by jackpot  
Quote: Originally posted by Sands  
They haven't contacted me if I did, and nothing has 'just arrived'

Find it very suss indeed


Agree. Surely they have to produce a winners list?
posted 18-3-2024 @ 10:26 AM www

Or respond to messages

And , when they do reply to someone, not tell them on the 11th that they are in the process of emailing people when their own terms stated details had to be confirmed by the 2nd

Nope, nope, nope
posted 19-3-2024 @ 08:01 AM www

Email received this morning - same response as Son2020 received.

Good morning,

Hope you are well and had a lovely weekend.

Our team have reached out and emailed all the competition winners with a winner prize claim form to complete, so please keep an eye out.

If you did not receive one, it unfortunately means this time around, you were not successful in winning the Valentine’s Day competition ☹.

Please let me know if I can assist with anything further.
posted 19-3-2024 @ 08:07 AM www

Well, they could assist by not being so full of hooey

But you know

At least you guys got a response

No reply here still to two messages
posted 19-3-2024 @ 10:07 AM www

Honestly, it's just not believable. What are the odds?
posted 19-3-2024 @ 10:40 AM www

I guess they believe most people won't know any better and so won't ask questions

Those who do ask are best ignored or a generic copy and paste reply
posted 20-3-2024 @ 07:47 PM www

They must have listened to the complaints!

Wem here. Thankyou
posted 20-3-2024 @ 07:48 PM www

WEM here too.,,
posted 20-3-2024 @ 07:57 PM www

WEM finally!
posted 20-3-2024 @ 08:00 PM www

WEM here also :)
posted 20-3-2024 @ 08:01 PM www

Me too!
posted 20-3-2024 @ 08:02 PM www

here too :)
posted 20-3-2024 @ 08:09 PM www

Winner here too
posted 20-3-2024 @ 08:55 PM www

WEM here
posted 20-3-2024 @ 09:01 PM www

How strange,
Do you just put the street name in the address section?
posted 20-3-2024 @ 09:05 PM www

WEM in Junk box.

posted 20-3-2024 @ 09:11 PM www

WEM too

Thanks firstinline for post
posted 20-3-2024 @ 09:27 PM www

Received WEMs here too, but no option to select SA as a state??
posted 21-3-2024 @ 06:23 AM www

Congratulations winners. WEM for me too. Thanks firstinline for the post. :)
posted 21-3-2024 @ 06:53 AM www

WEM here too. Sitting in my junk folder
posted 21-3-2024 @ 07:24 AM www

Congrats all

Was just coming to post a family (or ex-inlaw/outlaw) :lol: got a WEM

So much for them having to be claimed by March 2nd

SO glad there really were prizes

No luck here

posted 21-3-2024 @ 09:18 AM www

Thanks for posting:) A WEM for me too!
posted 21-3-2024 @ 09:18 AM www

WEM here :):)
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