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Barilla Australia / Purchase 2 x Participating products to Win 1 of 200 Valentines Day Gift Packs

posted 9-5-2024 @ 01:00 PM www

Ah, ok

I guess she must not have checked her emails yet then maybe

I'll message her back and tell her

Thank you :thumbup:
posted 9-5-2024 @ 01:23 PM www

Yes, she said it was there (in her emails)

She had checked her emails as normal, but that was early this morning she said

Sorry, I should have thought to think it would be a digital gift card myself and ask if it had been emailed :lol:
posted 9-5-2024 @ 02:11 PM www

Well during my 27 years of comping this is the most blatant ripoff comp I've been involved with.
Prize value $100.
I received today box containing 2 x Verdure Sauce, $6.50 x 2 =$13.00, 1 x pkt Pasta $4.60, total $17.60.
I x Pasta tin, dinted and 1 x pasta spoon, broken.
Also received via email $25 Digital card, which is completely useless to me as my phone is antique like me.
In the T&Cs stated visa gift card, Digital was not mentioned.
posted 9-5-2024 @ 02:29 PM www

If it is a VISA digital gift card, and if you have an ipad or tablet to activate it on you *should* be able to use it to buy a gift card you can use in stores from the website Card.Gift

They also have ones which are e-gift cards, but for Woolies and Coles at least, they can be sent to an email address and printed out

If that helps at all

My former niece in law said it looked like someone played soccer with her tin

Sucks they did not mention it being 'digital' so misleading

I don't know anything about using them with/on a phone, mine is ancient too
posted 9-5-2024 @ 02:55 PM www

Thanks Sands for your suggestions, when my daughter comes for Mother's Day, I'll get her to sort it out.
posted 13-5-2024 @ 07:22 PM www

Yes matriarch, my pasta spoon also arrived broken :(
posted 13-5-2024 @ 07:43 PM www

My spoon was also broken.
posted 13-5-2024 @ 10:03 PM www

Have received 3 prize packs for different family members, but only 2 digital VISA cards - have sent an email chasing up the other card.

Prize Pack 1 - spoon broken
Prize Pack 2 and 3 - tins dented

Hardly $100 worth, but I guess a win is a win!
posted 16-5-2024 @ 07:17 PM www

Hi All,

My love pasta came last week.

Has anyone else received their's damaged and missing items? TIA
posted 16-5-2024 @ 07:22 PM www

Mum and I won. Tins so smashed they went in the bin and both spoons demolished, also in the bin
posted 16-5-2024 @ 07:36 PM www

Did anyone let them know?

I haven't received mine yet but am not getting too excited.
posted 17-5-2024 @ 09:13 AM www

Quote: Originally posted by JackJack  
Did anyone let them know?

I haven't received mine yet but am not getting too excited.

I said to my ex-niece in-law she should, but as she rightly pointed out, they were obviously sent that way (far too many to have been 'damaged in the post') and they would just deny that they were sent that way anyway
posted 17-5-2024 @ 10:15 AM www

Sorry to hear people had a bad experience. My package arrived perfect. The spoon is pretty flimsy so Iím sure that one bump in the post could easily snap it. I donít think they packaged broken spoons and sent them off.
posted 17-5-2024 @ 10:20 AM www

I asked my niece if any of the packing was damaged and she said no

Not sure how so many spoons and tins could be damaged without the packing being so as well

And as I mentioned above, she said it looked like someone had played soccer with the tin. Not just a small ding, totally bashed in

Given all the other things (not stick to the t&c) telling two different stories about the reason for the delay, seriously over inflating the value of the pack etc etc, it would not surprise me if they did pack up damaged stuff as prizes to 'get rid of it'

posted 29-5-2024 @ 09:46 AM www

I received a WEM yesterday, with an apology for taking so long to contact me.
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