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Three Birds Renovations - Win a $120k Home Renovation Package

posted 8-4-2024 @ 09:20 PM www
Three Birds Renovations - Win a $120k Home Renovation Package
Entry methods: Online, Freq: Once Only, Closes 21/04/2024

Referral competition


Terms & Conditions:

Three Birds Renovations Pty Ltd ABN 94 601 092 693, Level 1, 14-16 Ward Place, Round Corner, NSW 2158, Australia.

Promotional Period:

Start date: 08/04/24 at 12:00 pm AEST
End date: 21/04/24 at 11:59 pm AEST

Eligible entrants:

Entry is only open to Australian residents who are 18 years and over.

How to Enter:

To take part in the Promotion, the entrant must enter via the Gleam widget, promoted via ads on various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

The number of entries awarded per person is dependent on the specific actions completed by the entrant via the Gleam widget, as indicated below:

Enter email address – 1 entry;

Share their unique promotional link on social media and have a friend enter via the link - 20 entries each time a friend enters (no cap); or

Join Three Birds Reno School or Styling School or be a current member of Three Birds Reno School or Styling School - 100 entries (must sign up to the Promoter’s online course via or and enter the same email address used for entry via the Gleam widget).

Entrants’ personal details will be provided to the third party prize suppliers and they may contact entrants directly for marketing purposes.

See below for further details.

Total Prize Pool:

AUD $132,000 (NSW Residents)
AUD $122,000 (All other States/Territories)


The Prize package includes the following:

$10,000 Tilecloud prize;

$10,000 Talostone prize;

$10,000 Dulux prize;

$10,000 Luxaflex prize;

$10,000 James Lane prize;

$10,000 James Hardie prize;

$10,000 Tesla prize;

$10,000 EC Carpets prize;

$10,000 Intrim Prize;

$10,000 Fulgor Milano prize;

$10,000 Woodcut prize;

$10,000 MCM House prize;

$10,000 Carrera by Design prize (NSW residents only);

1-hour online kitchen design consultation with Carrera by Design (nationwide);

$2,000 Three Birds Renovations prize.

Number of this prize

Value (per prize)
AUD $132,000 (NSW residents)
AUD $122,000 (all other States/Territories)

Winning Method
Draw: Computerised random selection - 23/04/24 at 12:00 pm AEST

Prize Conditions:

General Conditions (applicable to all prizes):

The value of the prizes set out above can be used to purchase goods and services from the applicable providers and may need to cover delivery costs for products/services ordered (where applicable), unless otherwise specified below. Any ancillary costs associated with redeeming a prize/voucher are not included. Any unused balance of a prize/voucher will not be awarded as cash. Redemption of a prize/voucher is subject to any terms and conditions of the issuer including those specified with or on the prize/voucher (and as set out below). The Promoter cannot guarantee a prize supplier is available to deliver to remote suburbs of Australia.

Tile Cloud Prize:

Valid for use on $10,000 RRP of any product(s) from TileCloud.

Valid for use against the entire range of tiles available sitewide at

Includes single delivery to one Australian address.

Voucher sent via post or email.

Valid until 22nd April 2025.

Talostone Prize:

$10,000 RRP worth of products included from Talostone.

Winner can select from our Premium Marble range and Marble range only. In terms of slab quantity, this equates to 4 slabs from our Marble Range or 3 slabs from our Premium Marble Range.

Delivery, fabrication and installation is not included in the prize and will need to be privately sourced and paid for by the winner.

Slabs will need to be ordered and picked up from our Prestons warehouse no later than 22nd April, 2025.

Any amount of the $10,000.00 not used on Talostone products cannot be credited or cash refunded back to the winner.

Voucher sent via post or email.

Valid until 22 April 2025.

Dulux Prize:

Valid for use on $10,000 RRP of Dulux branded paint product(s).

Products must be collected from the winner’s preferred Dulux Trade Centre. Store locations can be found at

Delivery is not included.

A voucher will be provided to the winner via email.

Valid until 22nd April 2025.

Luxaflex Prize:

The prize can be redeemed for any Luxaflex Window Fashions product(s).

Prize is valued at up to $10,000 based on the manufacturer's list price inclusive of GST. This voucher cannot be redeemed on installation, and this also excludes the cost of an electrician or any other associated costs e.g. scaffolding, cranes etc.

The winner will need to contact their local Luxaflex dealer who will be briefed and guided by Hunter Douglas head office to complete the product consultation/prize redemption process. The prize will be supplied and installed via this dealer.

Includes single delivery to one Australian address.

Valid until 22 April 2025.

James Lane Prize:

The prize includes $10,000 Full Price RRP worth of products from James Lane.

Includes any delivery and assembly charges.

Voucher will be sent via email.

Order to be placed through our service team emailing order to

Valid until 08 May 2027.

James Hardie Prize:

The prize includes up to the value of $10,000 RRP worth of products from Hardie™ Architectural Collection by James Hardie.

Prize must be redeemed within one product order.

Includes single delivery to one Australian address.

Stock is subject to availability.

Order must be placed and is valid until 08 May 2025.

Tesla Prize:

Eligibility: The recipient of this offer ("the winner") must own a residential property in Australia where the Tesla Powerwall is to be installed.

Value: The prize consists of a discount valued at ten thousand Australian Dollars (AUD $10,000) applicable towards the purchase of a Tesla Powerwall installed by our Certified Installer, Natural Solar.

Redemption Period: The prize must be redeemed within twelve (12) months from the date of the competition winner announcement, specifically by 22 April 2025. Redemption requests after this date will not be honoured.

Redemption Process: The winner must contact Natural Solar, our Certified Installer, to redeem the prize. The discount of AUD $10,000 will be applied to the total quote provided by Natural Solar for the purchase and installation of the Tesla Powerwall.

Additional Costs: Should the total cost for the purchase and installation of the Tesla Powerwall exceed AUD $10,000, the winner is responsible for paying the difference.

No Cash Value: The prize cannot be exchanged for cash, credit, or any other product or service. It is specifically designated for a discount on Tesla Powerwall and cannot be transferred or used for any other Tesla products, including vehicles.

Non-Transferability: The prize is non-transferable. Only the competition winner, as announced, is eligible to redeem the prize.

Governing Law: These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Australia and any disputes arising out of or in connection with them shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Australian courts.

Acceptance: Participation in the competition and acceptance of the prize constitutes the winner's acceptance of these terms and conditions.

EC Carpets Prize:

Prize amount is up to $10,000 RRP incl. GST and it is valid for use towards EC Carpets product(s), a quality underlay and installation.

Prize is redeemable at any EC Carpets stockist. Major retailers with a national presence that stock EC Carpets include Carpet Court, Choices and Flooring Xtra.

If the total purchase is above $10,000 RRP incl. GST, the winner is responsible for settling the remaining with the retailer.

Any amount of the $10,000 not used on EC Carpets products cannot be credited or cash refunded back to the winner.

The winner has to contact before selecting the carpet, so EC Carpets can let the retailer know about this promotion and instruct how to process the order. EC Carpets will contact the winner via email.

Valid for 12 months and can be redeemed from the 1st July 2024 to the 30th June 2025.

Intrim Prize:

Valid for use on up to $10,000 RRP worth of products from Intrim (must be redeemed in a single purchase only).

Winner entitled to one order of their selection of mouldings with delivery.

Limit of 1 product from each product category/type only i.e. The winner cannot order 2+ skirting board codes

Prize value can be used towards delivery.

Valid until 21 October 2024. Not redeemable with any other offer.

Fulgor Milano Prize:

The prize includes a voucher for Fulgor Milano Appliances to the value of $10,000 RRP.

Shipping of voucher to one location is included.

Voucher can be redeemable at: Worldwide Appliances (email: ). The voucher must be redeemed in one instance / transaction only against Fulgor Milano products directly from Fulgor Milano Australia (Worldwide Appliances). Contact for a product consultation.

If your purchase exceeds the value of the gift voucher, the balance must be paid by the winner at the RRP value.

Unused value of the voucher will not be refunded or attributed to any transactions after the expiry date.

Voucher cannot be redeemed for cash or substituted for any other purpose.

Data captured is obtained by Worldwide Appliances and its associated brands.

Voucher can only be used by the winner as awarded by Three Birds Renovations as part of this prize giveaway.

Voucher valid for 12 months from the date of the prize draw and must be used in full within that 12 month period.

Products selected must be selected and delivered to the prize winners selected location within 12 months of having been announced as the prize winner.

Woodcut Prize:

The WOODCUT brand is owned by Petra Industries, therefore all emails in WOODCUT’s database are owned and managed by Petra Industries. The emails WOODCUT receives from the winner will therefore enter the Petra Industries database for use by WOODCUT & Signorino.

The $10,000 worth of flooring is inclusive of GST, and is based on the recommended retail price at the time of purchase.

The $10,000 worth of flooring is valid on any colour in our collection.

$10,000 worth of flooring is on timber only and does not include stair nosing manufacture, consumables or delivery/freight costs.

The prize of $10,000 worth of flooring is valid for 12 months.

This cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount, including the Three Birds Reno School discount, or the Three Birds Dream Discount Card.

MCM House Prize:

$10,000 voucher can only be applied to full price MCM House products. This excludes non-MCM House products such as rugs and artwork.

Sale items are not included, with the full RRP value applied to the voucher.

Delivery is not included in the voucher and is an additional cost to the winner.

Winner is to place their order within their closest MCM House showroom. If there isn’t a MCM House showroom close enough to travel to, an online code will be supplied to order via our website.

The winner’s order utilising the voucher must be placed within 6 months of competition announcement.

Carrera by Design Prize:

Valid for use on $10,000 RRP worth of supply and install cabinetry (Only available if the winner is from NSW).

A one-hour online kitchen design consultation with Carrera by Design (Available for nationwide winner).

The prize will be provided in the form of a $10,000 voucher which will be sent to the winner via email.

Valid until 22nd April 2025.

Three Birds Renovations Prize:

1x hour consult with the birds worth $2000

Must be used within 1 year of prize draw.


The winner will be contacted by email within 7 days of the draw.
The winner will be published by 30/04/24.

Unclaimed Prizes:

Prize must be claimed by 01/07/24 at 12:00 pm AEST. In the event of an unclaimed prize, the prize will be redrawn on 02/07/24 at 12:00 pm AEST at Three Birds Renovations Pty Ltd, Level 1, 14-16 Ward Place, Round Corner NSW 2158, Australia. The winner of the redraw will be notified by email within 7 days of the redraw. The winner will be notified publicly (and their details published) by 09/08/24.

If there are no prize winner/s or winner/s for this Promotion cannot be found this information will be published online.
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