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American Consumer Opinion

posted 7-4-2006 @ 02:01 PM www
American Consumer Opinion

Who We Are
American Consumer OpinionŽ is owned and operated by Decision Analyst, Inc., a major international marketing research firm headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in the United States. American Consumer OpinionŽ is made up of consumers worldwide who have agreed to participate in our paid opinion survey panel. Join today!

Membership Is Free
Membership in American Consumer OpinionŽ is free. You will never have to pay any money to be a member. Your participation in our surveys is the only "cost" of membership.

As a panel member, you will participate in several surveys a year, typically. The average survey will take 10 minutes or so to complete, and the questions are usually easy to answer.

Panel members can expect to receive a "screener" (a short questionnaire) every six weeks or so.

Make Money Taking Surveys
All registered members participate in a monthly drawing to win $250 in cash awards, just for being a member.

If you answer a screener (a short questionnaire), you will be entered into a drawing for cash awards.*

If you participate in a survey (a longer questionnaire), you will always receive some type of incentive (a free product to test, cash, a check, or a gift).

Incentives typically range in value from $4 to $50, per survey or focus group, depending upon the length of the questionnaire and the time it takes to complete it. Simply fill out surveys for money. Participants in online focus groups generally receive more than $25.

Your Voice Is Heard
Occasionally, these consumers are asked to participate in mail surveys or telephone surveys, but generally the surveys are all conducted over the Internet.

Most members of American Consumer OpinionŽ enjoy having the opportunity to make their opinions count, to influence the future. It's similar to voting for elected officials-but here, you are voting on products and services you want in the future.

We do hundreds of surveys a year to help companies do a better job. Your opinions really do make a difference.

Here are some examples of how American Consumer OpinionŽ online surveys have helped companies improve their products and/or services:

A passenger train system decided on new routes and learned how to improve service on its trains.

A Mexican salsa company figured out how much to adjust the "heat" level in its picante sauce to make it taste even better.

Guiltless Gourmet improved the taste of their wonderful snack chips.

A major airline identified the most comfortable types of seats for its airliners.

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posted 23-3-2008 @ 06:41 PM www

Hi, just wondering if anyone has received any prizes/money from this site? Thanks
posted 23-3-2008 @ 07:10 PM www

I did about 4years ago nearly fainted but nothing since it was $50 american which came to a little over $74.00 come to think of it i havn't received any survey for very long time and i don't receive a Panel members can expect to receive a "screener" (a short questionnaire) every six weeks or so. screener every six weeks.
posted 23-3-2008 @ 07:20 PM www
American Consumer Opinion

Text I have been a member of this panel for over a year and never heard from them.:(
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