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Your Life Support Thread

posted 2-9-2006 @ 09:08 PM www

oh and thanks for the support guys....

hubby comes back tommorrow he has been away with the army reserves for a month and i've lost nearly 10kgs while he has been gone so hopefully he'll notice a difference and be suitably impressed
posted 2-9-2006 @ 09:11 PM www

Thanks so much mate. I havn't tried acupuncture or magnets.
Acupuncture is my next stop. I will yet u know how I go.

posted 2-9-2006 @ 09:12 PM www

That is just fantastic mate.


posted 2-9-2006 @ 10:00 PM www

You guys are really inspirational!

Tabs we wont recognise you at the next meet up thats fantastic! You must be so proud of yourself, I'm inspired!I really needto get some weight off and get motivated! I spend too much time in front of the PC these days.. I am aiming to get started on Monday as we'll be at the dad's tomorrow and eating loads of food and I have to get skim milk but Monday is the day...... I lost 35 kilos before I got married and put on 25 with the three kids and cadbury, lol! And my goal is 25 kilos but I'd be happy with 8 by Christmas I feel so uncomfortable.

Myee what an inspiration you are, thats very impressive!

Dreamsrfree hope your feeling better now!

Lush I find heat works for me with most things and also breathing to relax. Hope it calms soon!
posted 2-9-2006 @ 11:20 PM www

Woo Hoo... someone else starting on Monday :D :D

Tabitha, I think hubby will definatly be impressed.. he will really notice as he's been away so long.

Lush, Good luck finding a solution to the shoulder pain... It must be horrible.

Keep it up all you new non-smokers!!.. You're doing so well!!

posted 2-9-2006 @ 11:46 PM www

Woohoo Tabitha, I bet your hubby notices... ;););) thanks for your kind words Barb, and luscious I am not sure how to help you with your shoulder. I would guess heat pads or rubs would be the best, hopefully it all gets bearable soon, and Yippee I am soooooooooo keeping tabs on you its not going to be funny, everytime you lust after a mint m and m, after Monday, I am going to know about it. LOL you are going to be hearing my voice in your head going naughty yippee, you are having sinful thoughts lmao:P:P:P
posted 2-9-2006 @ 11:48 PM www

LMAO.... Gooood!!! I think :D :D
posted 3-9-2006 @ 12:12 AM www

oh yeah and I can be a real nag too... right in your ear, like a mosquito buzzing....
posted 3-9-2006 @ 12:15 AM www

Ah-Oooo....LOL ;)

Why don't you start monday too, you have the smoking thing under control and at least then I can nag you back :P :P

posted 3-9-2006 @ 12:21 AM www

I am on a permanent diet ... but I think I am a lost cause..
posted 3-9-2006 @ 12:23 AM www

Ok then... but I will find something to nag you back about.. hehe :)
posted 3-9-2006 @ 12:29 AM www

You aren't the only lost cause....I am positive my husband is sick of hearing "I'll start Monday..." he's just too gorgeous to point it out to me:(
posted 3-9-2006 @ 12:37 AM www

saffy, what can I say, you are blessed to have such a lovely husband ... does he have a brother??

Oh I am asking on Yippee's behalf of course, :cool:
posted 3-9-2006 @ 12:38 AM www

And another? :D
posted 3-9-2006 @ 12:40 AM www

He does actually.....lmao........and he seems even more easy going than mine!
But don't get me wrong, I have the best one!!:D
posted 3-9-2006 @ 12:41 AM www

lmao :P:P:P;);) what you going to do with two of them yippee??? lol (see edit on previous post lmao)
posted 3-9-2006 @ 12:43 AM www

ok I might have to fight Yippee for him then.. nahh she wins out cos she is younger than me.... (AND that is the ONLY reason..) it has nothing to do with the fact that she is better looking, has a better sense of humour, and more money as well!!!
posted 3-9-2006 @ 12:44 AM www

Originally posted by myeesera
saffy, what can I say, you are blessed to have such a lovely husband ... does he have a brother??

Oh I am asking on Yippee's behalf of course, :cool:

LMAO... Hey, you didn't have 'on yippee's behalf' before.... cause you wanted to know for YOU, for Myeesera, cause you want to take up dirty dancing don't you. :D ;)
posted 3-9-2006 @ 12:46 AM www

nahh not me, my mother always taught me to make sure my friends were okay before looking after myself lol ,, I was making sure you were ok , Yippee thats all...
posted 3-9-2006 @ 12:50 AM www

Blahhh, fiddle sticks Myee!! Nothing you said in your last post is true except that you'll fight me for him... and thats true cause you want the gardening done and I want the car fixed...LOL :D

Edit: Make that your 2nd last post
posted 3-9-2006 @ 12:52 AM www

You are in luck Yippee...he's a mechanic!!!
posted 3-9-2006 @ 12:53 AM www

Originally posted by myeesera
lmao :P:P:P;);) what you going to do with two of them yippee??? lol (see edit on previous post lmao)

Why are you asking me that... you were the one taught me :D :D
posted 3-9-2006 @ 12:53 AM www

yeah you know you got to be quick around here.. and no its not the gardening I want done its the damn housework,, I like gardening.. saffy can he iron as well?
posted 3-9-2006 @ 12:54 AM www

Originally posted by saffyfire
You are in luck Yippee...he's a mechanic!!!

Woo Hooo!!! :D :D
posted 3-9-2006 @ 12:55 AM www

pmsl...I'm not sure, he did live at home for a bit too long, probably had it all done for him:(
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