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Scam numbers List?

posted 6-4-2006 @ 10:50 AM www

I suppose we could pass all this info on the Telecommunications Ombudsman but I suppose its not illegal?
posted 8-4-2006 @ 05:51 PM www
03 8341 8009

another scam... they text you:

"Congratulations! To collect ur $40 gift item & to win up to $10,000, please call 03 8341 8009 for more info!"

Sender came up as Winner Msg on my phone.

I suspected a scam, but called anyway. You get a recorded message from the unnaturally cheerful "Simon" telling you to call a winner's hotline (more like sucker's scamline! :mad: ) at $2.79/min. The number was 1900 698 946

I didn't bother and suggest anyone recieving the same call follow suit. :cool:

These numbers have been added ~ Thankyou :) rembrat
posted 8-4-2006 @ 09:11 PM www

im shocked!!! i never knew there was such a thing as scam numbers.

so what exactly do they do? what happens? im a little unsure of what is going on and what the scams are
posted 9-4-2006 @ 01:55 PM www

Spooky, the scam is that they get you to pay for a very expensive call, offering the chance to win some relatively worthless 'prize'. They make a huge profit from all the people gullible enough to follow up on their supposed winnings.

You can usually tell if it is a scam because they are quite coy about what the competition is. If it is a genuine winning phone call:
1 they aren't shy about who they are and what comp you have won
2 you don't get a recorded message asking you to call a premium number
3 it doesn't cost anything to claim a legitimate prize

You should hear warning bells if you aren't sure who is calling or what the prize is; you can't get through to a real live person; or you have to pay anything to receive your 'prize'. Some of them are at least honest enough to tell you the cost of the calls, others don't advise you and you can get trapped into sending and receiving expensive text messages. :(

Beware of 1900 numbers! :mad:

If in doubt, check this thread for the number.

posted 10-4-2006 @ 08:18 PM www

thanks heaps for that kirstin. i'll be catious
posted 12-4-2006 @ 10:17 PM www

:o:o Oh My gosh!
I'd never heard about such a thing either. Will be on the look out now, and hopefully won't get sucked in.
Last week I had a missed call from a number 02 93834000 and I must say, I got a bit excited thinking I'd won something. I called the number a few days later and the guy said it was Fox studios (or something similar).
Do you guys think this might be something a bit strange???

Thanks to all you experienced compers for all your info to educate us newbies in such tactics.

This number has not been added (see below) ~ Thankyou :) rembrat
posted 21-4-2006 @ 05:13 PM www

Grr, just had the phone ring and picked it up to have a recording play 'Congratulations, you have won (something about Bahamas)' in an American voice. I hung up and didn't bother listening any further. I'm so sick of fake WPCs... grr

luckybrat, Fox Studios (in Sydney) often do run comps, as do Fox (20th Century Fox) the film distribution company. Scam numbers are usually recordings more often than real people, although not always. I hope it turned out to be real for you!

Edit: I did a quick search and discovered that your call is likely to have been for something legitimate luckybrat :)

I found the following listings:
Arthouse Blue - (02) 93834000 - Fox Studios, Moore Park
The Fox and Lion - (02) 93834000 - Fox Studios, Moore Park
Hordern Pavilion - (02) 93834000 - 1 Driver Ave , Moore Park NSW 2021 (Website: )

This number has not been been added (see above) ~ rembrat
posted 28-4-2006 @ 12:08 AM www

Wow, thanks rembrat for finding out that info for me, but I've never heard anymore about it.:(

Will just have to move on I guess and like they say Enter, enter, enter!;);):D

Good Luck to you
posted 6-5-2006 @ 09:38 PM www

Just had this number on my comping phone

03 9540 5189

So they are still going :( :(

This number has been added ~ Thankyou :) rembrat
posted 8-5-2006 @ 09:11 PM www

Eeeek looks like I've just copped my first

"Congratulations! To collect ur $40 gift item & to win up to $10,000, please call 0284042298 for more info!"

Pfft yeah right :mad:

This number has been added ~ Thankyou :) rembrat
posted 10-5-2006 @ 02:37 PM www

another scam no-0381029565:mad:

This number has been added ~ Thankyou :) rembrat
posted 10-5-2006 @ 06:56 PM www

Another phone number 0284042201

This number has been added ~ Thankyou :) rembrat
posted 10-5-2006 @ 07:05 PM www

and another 02 84042235

This number has been added ~ Thankyou :) rembrat
posted 10-5-2006 @ 08:57 PM www

has an;yone received this no

02 88182238

Had this one left on my comping phone but no voice message.

This number has been added ~ Thankyou :) rembrat

posted 11-5-2006 @ 05:56 PM www

i think i had my first scam call today. i rang and got a messages telling me to ring a 1900 number to get my special code and that calls cost something a minute...i hang up straight away...


This number has been added ~ Thankyou :) rembrat
posted 13-5-2006 @ 10:30 PM www

Originally posted by alcal
Another phone number 0284042201

Grrr!!! Daughter got 1 of these just before :mad: :mad:

Missed call, so thats for this thread :)

This number has been added ~ Thankyou :) rembrat
posted 15-5-2006 @ 07:38 AM www

Right it looks as though they are doing the rounds again

02 8404 2213

it rang once on my mobile and that is all.

This number has been added ~ Thankyou :) rembrat

posted 16-5-2006 @ 02:58 PM www

Just got this number 5 minutes ago........bast**ds


This number has been added ~ Thankyou :) rembrat
posted 16-5-2006 @ 03:26 PM www

Is there a website where you can put a number in and check if it's a scam, I'm sure I remember something like that being posted once... I had a call from 1300306713 and I want to check it.... it was VERY suss!!

Probably got stung with a huge bill, is there a way to check with telstra?

This number has been added ~ Thankyou :) rembrat
posted 17-5-2006 @ 04:21 PM www

0284042213 as already mentioned. Seems like there are a lot from 02840 area.:(

This number has been added ~ Thankyou :) rembrat
posted 19-5-2006 @ 06:25 PM www

Had a few calls from them today, not realising there was a list and called back some bloke called Simon but hung up pretty quick, hopefully it won;t cost too much.


This number has been added ~ Thankyou :) rembrat
posted 21-5-2006 @ 10:04 AM www

They are certainly doing the rounds again!


03 9510 5187

This number has been added ~ Thankyou :) rembrat
posted 21-5-2006 @ 10:06 AM www



03 9540 5101
03 5480 1076
03 8558 1441
03 8558 1442
03 8558 1444
03 8558 1445
03 8558 1447
03 8558 0556
03 9540 5189
03 8341 8009
03 9510 5187
03 8102 9565
03 9540 5187

02 8219 0500
02 8303 8320
02 8404 2213
02 8404 2201
02 8818 2238
02 8404 2298
02 8404 2235

08 8398 1300

07 551 2780

1300 306 713
1900 698 946

All new numbers that come through will be edited into the first post


posted 22-5-2006 @ 03:31 PM www

I had one of these calls on Saturday afternoon. When I called back it was a recorded message saying something like "Hi I'm Don, and this is your lucky day".... that was when I hung up!
The number was 0395405187:mad:

This is the first interstate call I have had on my phone and I started to think maybe I had won something as I don't know anyone in Melbourne.

This number has been added ~ Thankyou :) rembrat

posted 22-5-2006 @ 05:48 PM www

Just received a call from 02 840 422 36 only rang once and stopped. I'm not ringing it back as it seems there are scam numbers all around this one so it's probably another.

Also I had a call 'private number' on my mobile the other day from a company in China trying to sell me share options in some minning company. Oh yeah with their reputation! LOL:P:P:P I couldn't get this guy off the phone and when I finally did someone else from the same company called me back 1/2 hour later. My mobile is a private number but the one I use to enter comps with. It's nice to know someone is selling off our information O/S.:(

This number has been added ~ Thankyou :) rembrat
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